Twitter enters patent agreement with IBM

    This Friday Twitter acquired more than 900 IBM patents, and also entered into a cross-license agreement that will help protect the microblogging service from patent trolls.

    This Twitter move is justified by IBM’s fall attacks, which accused Twitter of intentionally violating at least three patents that IBM holds.

    Ben Lee, director of legal affairs at Twitter, said: “Purchasing patents and entering into a cross-licensing agreement will allow us to be confident in our own actions, as well as the actions of our users.”

    This is a very important step for Twitter, as compared to other IT companies (Facebook, Google, etc.) Twitter has only a small number of patents valid in the United States. So, from that moment on, he becomes an equal participant in patent wars.

    The full list of patents bought by Twitter has not been disclosed. But it includes US patents 6,957,224, 7,072,849, and 7,099,862, for which IBM had previously punished him.

    The terms of the cross-license agreement were not disclosed.

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