Sometimes free dinners do happen


    Providing users with a service, one has, among other things, to think about whether they can abuse it.

    For example, China Eastern Airlines decided to provide first-class ticket holders with the opportunity to change the departure date on the purchased ticket for free. And, as it recently turned out, one unnamed Chinese decided to take advantage of this.

    It is known that in almost all airports, VIP-waiting area with free food in the cafe is available to first-class ticket holders. The same service is available at Xi'an China Airport.

    The indicated Chinese acted as follows: he went through the ticket to the VIP zone, ate in a cafe, then postponed the departure date the next day, and left.

    And so 300 times in a row.

    That is, a person has been eating for free for almost a year. And when the airline somehow drew attention to the situation, the Chinese found out about this, and simply handed over his ticket, having received its price back.

    The airline representative explained that they did not have the opportunity to counteract such a "rare case."

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