Game developers troll the creators of Candy Crush

    Imagine: one game developer was so concerned about protecting his “viral” hit for iOS that he registered the word “candy” (translated as “candy”, “lollipop”) as a trademark in Europe; Moreover, afterwards he ensured that Apple respected his rights and politely asked those who violate the exit. How would other developers react to this? And what if they got so angry that they launched a trolling campaign to create and release games for the App Store, each of which would have the ill-fated word “candy”? In fact, this is exactly what happened.

    The developer of the game Candy Crush Saga is King (on whose conscience there is also a claim to The Banner Saga for using the word "Saga" in the title, as he correctly notesSeter17 ) - recently achieved success in registering the word “candy” as its trademark in Europe; moreover, it only takes a few weeks to obtain similar rights in the United States. The event received wide publicity after Apple unsubscribed developers of several games with candy in the name sent out requests to remove their applications from the store. In response, a group of brave men refused to put up with the current state of affairs. They staged a Candy Jam , an event whose goal is to try to post as many games with the word “candy” in the title as possible. The action was caused by a protest against the copyright system in general and against the aggressive monetization of King - in particular.

    Candy Jam will end on February 3rd, and developers have already posted more than 100 games with such wonderful names as Shew It Down: Candy Crap Saga, CanDieCanDieCanDie, ThisGameIsNotAboutCandy, CANDY on the EDGE, Candy Escape Goat Saga, Candy Crush SEGA and Don't Let the Candies Crush You ; You can follow the updates on Twitter using the hashtag #candyjam. By the way, they say that for the combo of the words “scroll”, “memory”, “saga”, and “apple” in the name a bonus is supposed.

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