Google Chrome 32 Release

Original author: Frederic Lardinois
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Chrome 32 now starts with tabbed indicators while playing audio and video, an improved malware blocker, and a new Windows 8 Metro design.

Google today released the latest stable version of its Chrome browser . Version 32 includes many features that were recently adopted in the beta branch, including improved malware blocking, as well as indicators in the tabs when sound is played, a webcam is accessed, and video is sent to your Chromecast . Google uses the speaker icon, a blue rectangle, and a red dot to identify these various functions.

These indicators are a real find for those who have ever tried to understand which tab suddenly began to play music or video. Google first began to lose this idea in early 2013 , but this function received beta status only in November.

The new version also includes Google’s new malware blocker, which was adopted by Chrome’s experimental Canary build last October . At the same time, Google will automatically block any downloads that its systems have flagged as malware.

For users of Windows 8, the new version now has a new look in Metro mode (Google still uses this term, even though Microsoft itself has moved away from it and left it unclear what the new terminology should now be). In Metro mode, Chrome now looks like ChromeOS with its integrated application running on Windows. In previous versions, Metro mode was simply introduced to users with the usual Chrome interface. It didn’t look completely true, but with this new interface, Google actually uses the “Metro” mode for its own advantage and mainly brings ChromeOS to Windows.

Also, starting with this version there is support for the Chrome function " controlled users", which is officially in beta. At the same time, family members can check the browsing history of the child, for example, and set site restrictions through .

As always, this release also includes a large number of security fixes (21 in total ), as well as stability and performance updates.

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