Doom II: Hell on Earth, id Software. Secret No. 4 on Map 15 (Industrial Zone) is open in normal game mode.

Original author: Owen S. Good
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It has been almost 24 years since the legendary game Doom II: Hell on Earth came out. And so it happened - one of the very meticulous players was able to open the “last” secret in this game for the first time in history.

And he did it without the use of codes and other dishonest interventions in the code of the game.

Player Zero Master received congratulations from the creator of the game, John Romero.

This is the fifteenth map of the MAP15: Industrial Zone (“Industrial Zone”, access to the secret level 31) and the fourth secret in it.

Previously, other players have already “found” this secret, but only with the help of cheat codes.

All regular gaming attempts to do it by the rules ended in failure, so after years the gaming community decided that it was impossible to do. After all, in front of the secret place on the map is placed a teleport, which closed a further passage and negated any possibility of getting inside.

Most recently, the player managed to pass on under the nickname Zero Master.

In the video, he explained how this can be done - he destroyed all opponents, leaving one (Pain Elemental), which attacked the player and “pushed” to the game secret. Thereby, the secret was revealed.

Player personally congratulated the creator of Doom 2, John Romero, who discovered the plan to achieve this secret.

Romero wrote:

Congratulations, Zero Master! Finally, after 24 years! Great trick to get to the secret!

I explain: the secret teleport is designated as a secret to be discovered, but when you touch it, you never get into the necessary sector. So you can't activate the secret. The only way is to make the enemies push you!

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