New Ferret Universal Sniffer Created

    Errata Security experts have developed a universal Ferret network sniffer (“Ferret”), which intercepts traffic using 25 protocols, including all popular IM protocols, DHCP, SNMP, DNS and HTTP.

    The universal Ferret 1.0 sniffer ( presentation , distribution ) is able to intercept and record almost any information that is transmitted over the network from the specified IP address, including email with passwords, IM contact lists, addresses of visited websites with passwords in URLs and much more. The program perfectly demonstrates how vulnerable we are in the face of an inquisitive enemy.

    Ferret sniffer can collect a huge amount of information on any local network, because all computers broadcast some service packets to the surrounding space, including WiFi, DHCP, NetBIOS / SMB, DNS / Bonjour packets. All of these packets can be recognized and intercepted. Ferret Article on Discussion on Slashdot

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