On March 8, every fifth Internet user will go to a restaurant

    Klara ZetkinEvery fifth Internet user is preparing to celebrate March 8 as a romantic dinner in a restaurant. This is reported by Romir Monitoring , which polled at the beginning of this month 416 respondents over the age of 16 years. Approximately equal shares of users said they would go visit (11%) or invite guests to their place (10%). Another 11% do not honor March 8 as a holiday and just rest on the day off. 5% of respondents will go to a nightclub, theater or cinema, 3% to play bowling with friends.

    About 80% of respondents know about Clara Zetkin as the initiator of the International Women's Day. Among those who incorrectly answered the question, who is Zetkin, most of them are people under the age of 24. 6% of this group named the activist of the German Communist movement the wife of one of the Decembrists.

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