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    Our team has been developing Robotics Centers for Children for quite a long time. Practically, we have identified many insteytov, received invaluable practice, and, finally, launched a franchise.


    Earlier, we have already published a number of articles on the nuances of franchise development, analytics of the niche of children's leisure and much more. We do not consider ourselves experts in this field, but it is indisputable that we have formed our own special vision of franchising children's leisure and the educational environment as a whole.

    In the matter of choosing a franchise, the majority stubbornly climbs into large cities with hypercompetition, while in a variety of medium (from 50k to 100k) and small (up to 50k) cities, entire niches are empty. We will talk about the niche of children's leisure, as we cook in it ourselves. According to our estimates, in 70% of cities in Russia there are no circles of robotics, in 10% of cities there are too many circles, and in the near future the market will get rid of unnecessary ones. Thus, in Russia, a huge piece of profitable niche is gaping, which at the moment is not filled by anyone.

    When opening the circles of robotics, we focused on the segment of medium and small cities, which allowed them to study well. We have identified 2 main problems of the work of children's circles in small cities:

    1. The inoperability of standard advertising sources
    2. Lack of teachers of the required level

    In some cities, the Internet does not work at all. Does not work at all. We poured a solid part of the SMM budget, and this did not produce any results. Often you had to buy ads on pylons and billboards, which for some reason cost almost more than in regional centers, and this did not give the desired result. As practice has shown, a sundress works best in small cities, but in order to make it work you need to fill a minimum customer base. Accordingly, the first 20-25 customers are very expensive, while the cost of each subsequent customer tends to zero (a sundress starts working). Despite the complexity of the advertising campaign, we were able to identify common points of successful promotion in different cities, combined them into templates and wrote instructions. Today, advertising in small towns is not a problem for us.

    Teachers are the biggest pain of children's leisure in small towns. During the existence of circles for the teaching position, we had to train former police officers, salesmen and many others. The initial level they had, to put it mildly, no. At the same time, the level of quality on our part was quite high, and not every candidate was allowed to take classes. The system of teaching teachers with a zero level is something that was particularly hard and with great losses, but we were able to develop the best option for small towns. The teachers we have trained now are specialists in their field who are capable not only of conducting the lesson with the maximum quality, but also of preparing children for competitions of any level. In fairness it should be noted that in small towns to find a teacher with experience, versed in electronics, programming, 3D modeling, 3D printing, designing, etc. almost impossible due to the lack thereof. In the cities of 100k is a problem, but in smaller cities - just a disaster. Therefore, in order not to sit and wait for the greeting of the ideal teacher, we began to train them on our own to the level we need. So we also solved the problem of finding teachers in small towns.

    The next parameter, which slows down many in choosing a franchise, is the initial start-up and promotion costs. We developed guidelines, a curriculum, and a financial plan in parallel, which made it very profitable to optimize the process. The fact is that the curriculum is built in such a way that most of the equipment for its study is needed only 2-3 months after the start of the circle, which allows significant savings on the opening. Thus, we maximally balanced the interesting and fascinating lessons with the costs of discovery.


    Among children's robotics, a significant part of the initial investment is occupied by the purchase of designers and various electronics. We produce our own designer for robotics, all training programs are adapted for it, and the delivery of the designer for one circle is included in the lump sum fee. We also have agreements with some suppliers of electronics for discounts, which allows us to save a little on the purchase of equipment for training.


    Often, people who buy a franchise do not have their own designer, lawyer, economist, etc. In the franchise package, we have included many standard contracts, instructions for registering with various agencies and filing reports, financial models and much more. Also, our designer prepares the entire set of products for your data. All this in the complex will significantly save on outsourcing.

    At one point, we thought, what if the franchisee does not want to conduct its own franchise, but the manager does not? Then we developed the Investor package. If you do not want to manage the circle, we will take over the entire OS, open the Robotics Center in the selected city, engage the teacher and start the advertising campaign. You will simply receive a 70% profit per month on your bank account.

    Thus, at the moment we have implemented two packages of the franchise:

    1. Basic Basic
    Pay (one-time payment) 200,000 rubles. - includes all the methodological programs, instructions and recommendations for the opening and promotion of the circle, as well as a designer for training robotics and discounts from equipment suppliers.

    Royalty (monthly payment) 5000 rubles from the second month.

    Full support and ongoing advice. We will bring your circle to the first profit.

    2. Investor
    One-time payment of 500,000 rubles.

    We will take over the operational management, open a circle in the selected city. We will prepare the teacher and launch an advertising campaign. Every month you get 70% profit circle.

    Who is the ROBOCOR franchise for?

    • For existing business in medium and small cities. If you are tired of tolerating the lack of intellectual circles in your city, and at the same time want to earn a little and benefit the social development of the city.
    • For beginners in the business who want to get detailed recommendations on how to manage, launch and anticipate the robotics circle, plus everything from above.
    • For all interested in the technical development of children.
    • For anyone looking for a quick return on investment (6-8 months) with high margins (60%)

    We are at the beginning of the road, but we have already managed to sell several franchises for child robotics. If you want to receive more detailed information, write to messages, or to the mail We are happy to answer all questions.

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