Welcome to Android Devs Meetup September 8

    We are pleased to invite all interested in Android-development on the eighth Android Devs Meetup Mail.Ru Group. Experts and developers of mobile applications will talk about mobile development technologies, discuss the features of using new tools and approaches, share personal experience. Mitap is held on the eve of the MBLT DEV 2018 conference, guests and authors of the best questions are expected to receive gifts from the conference organizers and the Mail.Ru Group.
    The program of the meeting under the cut.

    “Automation of the theme application. Generation of styles, resources and attributes ”, Daniil Popov, Mail.Ru Group

    The report focuses on application problems with several different topics: how they were solved before, what it led to and how everything was managed in order using automatic topic generation.

    Daniel will talk about how a utility was created that turns a palette from a Sketch layout into a list of colors in XML files and creates drawable resources using a template that can refer to other resources and colors of a palette. And all this with the ability to put qualifiers generated resources. The topic of sharing responsibility for the theme application between developers and designers will also be touched upon. Daniel will demonstrate how it all works in a large application and makes everyone happy about the development process.

    "Review of DI frameworks", Dmitry Konurov, e-legion

    With examples of working scenarios, Dmitry will show when DI should be used, and consider the JSR-330 standard. Dmitry will also talk about popular libraries for implementing DI and the approaches used in them, their pros, cons, and killer features.

    “Modularization of Android applications”, Ivan Krygin, Avito

    Ivan will tell you about the modularization of the Avito Android application: what goals were set by the developers, what difficulties did they encounter and what results did they achieve.

    Round table with speakers on the topic “New libraries and frameworks from Google: we rush to implement or we wait”

    Every year, Google issues a package of new libraries in beta or alpha state, and calls for switching to them, but all this is buggy. Development for Android turns into some kind of frontend: constant experiments with new buggy libraries. So all the same, to use or not all these new items?

    Collection of participants and registration : 11:30
    Start of reports : 12:00
    Address : Moscow, Mail.Ru Group office, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p. 79.

    To participate, you need to register here .

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