Regular expression parsing

    I just want to share a recently found service for working with regular expressions. Yes, this is another service. But it has a peculiarity - it allows not only to compose regular expressions, but also helps to parse already written ones - a kind of regexp decompiler.
    The service is called Regex101 .

    Regex101 is a service that allows you to deconstruct other people's regexps and explain the function of each operator. Links to explanations can be placed directly in the comments to the code for the convenience of working in a team. You can also test your code, while receiving in real time a full explanation of how the desired steam is processed. Well and yes, on the site there is background information and a section with questions for those who are just entering the world of “regulars”.

    By the way, you can choose the style of regular expressions: PHP, javascript, Python. You can fumble for regulars, which can be very important for team development.

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