Paypal's Mailpile wallet was frozen for 24 hours

    imageA week ago, Mailpile reported on the success of its crowdfunding campaign with a budget of $ 146,725. And two days ago, Brennan Novak, one of the authors of the project, posted on the page in indiegogo fundraising campaign update , which reported that a business account and debit card security service blocked the project y PayPal. After repeated service calls, he finally learned the following:

    "While Mailpile not provide PayPal detailed budget breakdown of how they plan to use donations from its crowdfunding-campaign, their account is unlocked within one year."

    After this statement was followed by a wave of indignation on the portals of Hacker News, Ars Technica ,Slashdot and on Twitter. The result was almost unbelievable - PayPal not only unblocked the Mailpile team account, but also donated $ 1,000 to it.

    The incident leaves much to think about the reliability of placing your funds in payment systems such as PayPal and how effective the methods of united popular protest can be.

    Let me remind you
    the essence of the project is to create an open-source mail web server that runs on users' personal computers and is completely protected from external wiretapping using strong cryptography with OpenPGP support. It was created for users who want to get rid of the problems associated with the use of Gmail, Hotmail and other listening services. People need built-in encryption, lack of advertising, speed, their own hosting, but at the same time they want to maintain the convenience of the interface, full-text search, tags, attachments and other familiar functions.

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