IFA 2013. New from Philips. Acoustics and TVs

    This year I managed to get to the largest international exhibition IFA 2013 in Berlin. First of all, I visited the booth of Philips, which showed a lot of interesting new products. This is mainly acoustics for young people and cool TVs with 3D, Cloud TV, 4K and other newfangled technologies. There was also a home appliance at the booth, for example, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, razors and other things that are useful in the household.

    But let's talk about everything in order. Gently, under the cut photo of gadgets and girls.

    Philips didn’t give a presentation at -1 day (like Sony and Samsung), but at 0, but it didn’t reduce the excitement. The company shared its ideas for the future, talked about new products, and also brought to the events one of the most famous DJs. Presented by Peter Nota, CEO of Philips for LifeStyle products.

    At the very beginning it was told about concepts. For example, a multicooker with Wi-Fi. You connect to it from your tablet, find the right recipe, read what you need for cooking. Then put the necessary products in the multicooker, set the time on the tablet and wait. You do not need to follow her, all the information will be on the tablet. Perhaps, there is only a camera missing, which will show you how the food is cooked, and you will like it and upload it to Youtube.

    Philips also talked about new Wi-Fi coffee makers that can brew coffee for you. In general, Philips will now introduce Wi-Fi in all its home appliances, and in addition to Bluetooth, NFC will be inserted into the speakers. But more on that later. In addition to coffee makers and crock-pots, Philips also has a room-mounted floor-mounted air purifier. Also with Wi-Fi, as you understand. You can customize the light, the power of the flow, in general, a convenient thing for a "smart home", if anyone already has it.

    The main novelty that we were shown, of course, was the new Philips 9000 TV (TP Vision units) with a resolution of 4K and other newfangled gadgets.

    The TV, of course, is equipped with Ambilight - a system that creates lighting around the display in the colors of the picture on the screen. This is convenient, since the perception is much softer and more pleasant for the eyes.

    In addition, in Philips TVs, in addition to the usual Smart TV, Cloud TV will also appear. This is a system that allows you to watch digital television. Of course, not all channels familiar to the Russian user will be there. However, in a private conversation, company representatives promised in the coming months to fill the system with up to 60 television channels. Of course, all this will not be free, there will be subscription channels, there will be advertising, but some will be free. By the way, now Philips TVs will be associated with Dropbox and you can view photos on the big screen.

    Philips TVs now allow you to transfer the screen image to your tablet or smartphone. This is convenient if you are watching a movie and then you urgently need to escape to the kitchen. They pressed a couple of buttons, the film is now broadcast to you on the iPad and you calmly go to the kitchen to fry steaks and watch the series. Postback is also possible. We were shown how to display an image from an Android phone on a TV screen. Moreover, you can not only watch photos and films, but even play games, although not without brakes, of course.

    Perhaps one of the coolest new products can be called an amateur DJ console M1X-DJ (read as a DJ mix). This is a remote control with two turntables, various switches and buttons. In fact, they simply duplicate all the elements in the application for the iPad. By the way, owners of older iPads will not be able to use this remote control, it is only for the Lightning connector.

    By the way, it was created in conjunction with the famous DJ Armin Van Buuren, who introduced this new product.

    The device itself is quite interesting. Of course, DJ remotes in the bulk market. But this is the first in my memory amateur gadget at an affordable price. Oh yes, it costs 16k rubles. In general, instead of another iPhone, you can buy such a thing and have parties at home. And if you buy 4 more batteries, then you can arrange raves in nature.

    In addition to this DJ station, Philips introduced many acoustic innovations. Moreover, both desktop solutions and portable speakers. By the way, now portable speakers have already outgrown the form factor of small barrels that play disgustingly. Now it can even be a pretty big box with speakers. In general, see for yourself.

    I found the BR-1X speaker interesting. This is such a "brick" in which there are two speakers. It can be used both at home with a laptop or with a computer (if you do not have professional 7.1 speakers, of course), and on the street with a smartphone. Moreover, he has an interesting button that significantly increases the volume (quality losses can not be avoided) for the street. In general, a kind of boombox for gatherings with friends in the yard or in nature.

    Interestingly, if your friends also have such a column, then you can connect them together and get even more loud and surround sound. It is unlikely, of course, that this will happen, but anything is possible. Well, an important detail - the column is waterproof. You can not be afraid to put it in the rain, although you should not swim with it, it may not be able to withstand deep immersion. As for NFC, almost all portable speakers now have this technology. But do not expect the sound will still be transmitted via Bluetooth. Why, then, need NFC? It's simple: you bring the smartphone, your Bluetooth turns on, the speaker and smartphone “pair” and the music starts playing. This is faster than doing it with your hands, that's all.

    More prestigious new products under the Fidelio brand were also presented. Here, both manual assembly and a noble tree, in general, are not for young people. There were many interesting models. But perhaps the most eye-catching is this speaker with a speaker for high frequencies. Her body is made manually. The sound, by the way, is very good: and the bass is felt, and the tops slip.

    By the way, the developers at Philips went on a trick so as not to lose customers with the iPhone. In almost all accessories that have a wired connection to an iPhone or iPad, a switch is made between the old and new connectors. I feel that soon we will see the same, but also with microUSB for Android.

    For desktop users, Philips showed such large speakers with good bass. You can also connect the phone to them via Bluetooth, if you really want to.

    As always, Philips introduced a lot of headphones. There are wireless models, there are those made in collaboration with Ray Ban. In general, there are a lot of headphones and we will not delve into them. Anyway, those who understand the sound quality will choose professional "ears", and those who care about design will buy what they like in the store.

    Of the interesting innovations, a conference system was also shown. This small box is placed on the table, turned on and up to 10 people can use it and communicate with their phones. You can not arrange the microphones (their role will be played by personal smartphones), do not branch out a bunch of wires, but just use such a small thing. It’s hard for me personally to appreciate the advantage, never used conferencing, but I think it should be convenient.

    All these new products should arrive on the European and Russian markets at the beginning of 2014. I personally really liked the DJ station and portable speakers. As for TVs, it seems to me that the market is not yet ready for 4K resolution. Yes, it’s great, beautiful, but for FullHD, many more channels don’t give a signal, let alone UltraHD.

    Of course, Philips brought to the IFA not only new products, but almost all of its equipment. There were razors, and juicers, and toothbrushes, and headphones. In general, everything is everything that the company only produces for the market.

    It was interesting to look at the details, of which perhaps the most unusual TV was assembled. If you remember, this is a screen that stands on a glass stand. Moreover, it can be placed either at an angle to the wall or hung, otherwise it cannot be installed. A strange but very cute design that creates the illusion that the screen hovers above the ground.

    And of course, there are a lot of pretty girls at IFA, so far you have a couple from the Philips stand.

    If it works out, then in the next post I will tell and show all-all the new items on IFA. And there were a lot of them, believe me. This is one of the largest technology exhibitions in Europe.
    Good luck

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