Projectors for the home: the best “by version”, ultra-short focus, champions in brightness and speed

    Contrary to pessimistic forecasts, projectors remain popular and are in no hurry to take positions on televisions. In 2018, several trends finally emerged in the home projector market, which are likely to dominate the next 2-3 years, and possibly longer.

    The most intense and fierce competition for leadership still unfolds between the eternal rivals of BENQ and EPSON, which LG and other manufacturers are rapidly catching up with. I'm not in a hurry to take sides, healthy competition is good, the consumer benefits from it. In this article, an overview of the most current models that were recognized as the best, as well as devices that identified the current trends of the current year.

    Best buy, EISA version

    The European Association of image and sound this year recognized the BenQ W1700 DLP projector as the best. The “Best Buy 2018-2019” award will be presented to the company's representative today (August 31), during the opening of the IFA exhibition in Berlin. The same model from BenQ topped the rating .

    It is likely that the reason for such solutions was the combination of opportunities in a relatively inexpensive device ($ 2000) that even more expensive High End solutions cannot support. The ability to form a 4K image with the help of 4 frames, not two, experts call an "outstanding technical feature."

    Representatives of BenQ emphasize that such a solution in DLP-projectors prevents the loss of information of the original 4K signal, and accordingly, eliminates the likelihood of artifacts. The projector's DLP module uses a 6-color wheel, the device provides a contrast of 10,000: 1, with a luminous flux of 2200 ANSI lm.

    Top leader from recognized the best product of Epson, the main competitor of the EISA favorite. 4K-compatible Epson 5040UB, priced at $ 2,700, according to resource experts, surpasses many Full HD high-end image quality solutions. In 2017, also awarded this model the highest award of the website “Choice of the Editorial Board”.

    The claimed brightness of the 2500 ANSI lm model is slightly higher in practice and, according to my assumptions, reaches a value of 2700 - 2800 ANSI lm. This can be clearly seen when compared with peers. This feature provides the ability to view projections in artificial light, while most price and technical analogues require a full or partial dimming. The projector is also equipped with pixel shift technology, HDR, maintains a brightness uniformity level of 93% and is equipped with an automated “lens memory” mechanism.

    Ultra-short focus brightness champion

    Another projector that defined the trends of the coming years is again Epson - EH-LS100. The most significant advantage of the model was the brightness. Last year, it was considered the brightest ultrashort-focus projector in the world and, to my knowledge, the palm with a brightness of 4,000 ANSI lm still belongs to this product to this day.

    When talking about a promising replacement for televisions, they often mention this model. For the formation of the image using 3 LCD matrix with a resolution of 1920x1200. The average cost of the device in the Russian Federation is about 240,000 rubles.

    Speed ​​wagon

    The authoritative website in the USA called ViewSonic PX800HD (Price: $ 1299) as one of the best ultra-short-focus projectors in the price segment up to $ 1,500.

    The significant advantages of this projector, in addition to the ultra-short focus, are a low delay of 16 milliseconds, which allows using the device not only for watching movies, but also as an alternative to the monitor in games. The device allows you to project an image with a maximum diagonal of 150 inches, has a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens, and the dynamic contrast of the model reaches 100,000: 1.

    Mass consumption leaders

    One of the best-selling home theater projectors in the world was the LG PF1000U. This is an ultrashort-focus Led-projector, which some media called the first real alternative to TV.

    The advantages of using LEDs - long service life, environmental friendliness, low mass. The global sales leader delivers a modest brightness of 1000 ANSI lm and a resolution of 1920x1080 with 1 x DLP.

    LG HF85JS is an almost complete analogue of the PF1000U, in which a laser is installed instead of a LED light source. Thanks to him, the device provides a brightness of 1500 ANSI lm. The average cost of devices in the Russian Federation is 70,000 rubles. for the PF1000U and 120,000 rubles. for LG HF85JS.


    Thus, we can safely say that the most notable trends of the current year are as follows: four-frame imaging, the use of ultrashort focus, increased brightness and universalization (creating models equally suitable for playing games and watching videos).

    I certainly did not describe all the models that deserve attention, and, given the range and number of manufacturers, this is hardly possible. I would be grateful if you share your preferences and, possibly, personal experience in the comments. I hope, will do without holivar.

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