The best recruiting videos of 2013

    At the end of the outgoing year, we decided to continue the successful tradition and collected for you the 10 most interesting recruiting videos of this year. With their help, employers (but not only) are trying to get newcomers and pros to their team.
    In the selection, we were guided by two simple criteria: the video should be publicly available and released in 2013.

    The selection turned out to be very diverse: the top ten included videos from the Wildflower cafe, Beeline, SpareFoot online service for finding storage spaces, a hipster video from game developer Wooga, a hot video from the Australian night club Marquee, an inspiring action from the Santa University rowing team -Barbara and the patriotic drama from the US Foreign Ministry. Of course, not without the traditionally cool videos of the Canadian special forces and the American police.

    And let's start with the video from SpareFoot, an exotic online service for us to find places to store everything and everything, which argues over recklessness with last year’s creation from Kixeye. The HR on the child’s hammer and the guy with the electric collar around his neck set the atmosphere perfectly. Interestingly, they still let someone in to the bar and the dish with the pig?


    The most popular recruiting video of the year from Heineken. LG recently played on the same field, but it was about TVs and as a joke, and here about work, football and for real.


    The phrase “desktop icon”, written on the back of a CD with the encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius, evoked similar associations in 1997 with us. So the grandmother is still well done, orientated. The video, as planned, should be cute, and, surprisingly, it turned out that way. At the end of the video is the address of the Beeline job site in Yekaterinburg. If it was done there for the local audience, it’s doubly cool.

    By the way, Beeline vacancies

    Wildflower bread

    If you were bread, what bread would you be?
    A video about ordinary Americans who work in a bakery, consider themselves one big family and are happy with the local party in their honor. It’s simple, of course, but sincerely, it captivates. “But I am bread ...”

    Hillsboro police

    The Hillsborough Town Police clip is funny and kind. It has everything: the local sloven Dwayne behind the bars of a police car, watching that no one escapes, and the man “hey, check first if the door is open before knocking it out”, and a sniper (for some reason, more like a military man) in the bushes, and a cool macho policeman, somewhat reminiscent of Dani McCoy from the Las Vegas series.
    This year, police departments from a dozen American cities shot their recruiting videos, but this is the most worthy of all.


    The video from the Berlin company Wooga, which creates toys for mobile devices and social networks, turned out to be pleasant, but somewhat “hipsty” (due to the polaroid and bearded guide, probably). In any case, the atmosphere in the office is well conveyed, the cool kitchen. At the same time, there is nothing complicated in it - most Russian companies can do the same, but for some reason they are doing absolutely nothing .


    If it was an office, it would be boring. But this is a night club with all the consequences. Suddenly, the standard first-person scheme “I work very well in this company, we have a very strong team” began to play with new colors, if you understand what we are talking about :)

    Canadian Special Forces

    Last year, Canadian special services burned , releasing a series of recruiting videos. This year special forces pulled themselves up. Only simpler: more action, less words. The message, unfortunately, remains unchanged: go to us - get plenty of fun. Probably because the target audience is this.

    UCSB Crew

    It turns out that recruiting videos are shot not only by companies, but also by sports teams. For example, the rowing team at the University of California at Santa Barbara made a very worthy video: brutal and dynamic.

    US Foreign Office

    The clip of the American Foreign Ministry begins as an action movie, but then you realize that it will be more of a drama. Hard work for patriotic citizens of the United States, with a university diploma that does not sit at home.

    Bonus Tracks

    Out of the competition , we had three videos, which we could not miss. The first is from Intel, which did not make it to the shortlist this year because it was released several years ago. The second - from the world-famous British unemployed Adam Pacitty does not fall into our format, because it is removed by the “other side” - the applicant. By the way, Adam has already found a job, which, in general, is not surprising. The third is the serenade of the former employer from Steve Harvey, who quit the coffee shop very beautifully and melodiously.


    Adam pacitti

    Steve harvey

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