DigitalOcean Launches New Data Center in Amsterdam

Original author: DigitalOcean
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Another good news for Digitalocean users following Black Friday coupons. The company opened a new data center AMS2 in Amsterdam, the second in Europe and, judging by the press release , with support for a private network ( Shared Private Networking ) between droplets. Previously, such an opportunity was available only in the data center NY2 .
In the future, they promise new capabilities, possibly in the UK, and support for IPv6 .

I would like to learn from the community how and why it is worth using a private network between virtual machines, despite the fact that the service already provides the possibility of backups, and with a lack of capacity, you can take a droplet faster.

PS: I did not know how to publish. There is not enough material for a full-fledged post, but this is not quite a translation. Is it worth spreading such news? If not, I'll put it in draft.

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Will you use Shared Private Networking?

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