How IT professionals find work in the US and the EU: 9 best resources

The global IT market is growing rapidly. Every year the profession of software developer is becoming more and more popular - already in 2017 there were approximately 21 million programmers in various fields in the world .

Unfortunately, the Russian-speaking IT market is still at an early stage of development - there are already large and successful projects, but the market will not be able to match European and American markets for a long time, which produce up to 85% of all IT products in the world.

That is why many programmers seek to get work in European or American companies - there are more opportunities for development, and the material base is stronger, and they pay a lot more than on domestic projects.

And here there is a question: how to find a good job abroad, if there is no direct access to the markets of Europe and the USA? Profile sites will help you find IT jobs. In this article, we have collected TOP-9 excellent portals for programmers who will help in finding a job:


The obvious option, but not all experts use it. Facebook is full of specialized communities, where they are looking for programmers for international projects.

You can search in specialized communities for specific countries in which you want to work, or subscribe to Russian-speaking groups where you are looking for specialists to work abroad.

However, you need to be morally ready to shovel a huge number of publications - there are often very many responses to Facebook jobs, especially to the “tasty” jobs.

Here is a small list of job search communities specifically for IT people:

1. Relocation. IT Jobs Abroad
2. USA IT Jobs
3. Germany IT jobs
4. Hot Jobs in IT Industry
5.IT Jobs in USA
6. IT Jobs in Canada & USA
7. IT Jobs
8. IT Engg Jobs

There are several important points to consider when searching for jobs on Facebook. If you are going to look for work in groups of specific countries, it is far from a fact that the company will be willing to hire a non-resident. So you need to clarify this point in advance.

But even if the employer agrees to take you to work, you need to hedge from a legal point of view - you need to plan to move only after receiving an official invitation to work. This will facilitate communication with the authorities in obtaining a visa and will be a confirmation that you really intend to hire.


This professional social network is not very popular in Russian-speaking countries, but if you want to look for a job in Europe or the USA, then a LinkedIn profile is a must have.

And on LinkedIn there are not only recruiters who are looking for specialists in a particular company, but also direct managers of development departments. After all, it is very difficult to find a good specialist with the necessary set of knowledge and skills that will quickly join the team.

The principles of operation are somewhat similar to Facebook communities, but LinkedIn pays much more attention to professional skills, skills and experience. Therefore, you need to describe your capabilities in as much detail as possible: what programming languages ​​you know, what frameworks do you work with, in what areas did you develop projects, your experience with other companies. It all matters.


It is the largest job search site in the world and is one of the top 3 job search sites in the USA. It is not sharpened specifically for the IT-sphere, but there are really a lot of vacancies.

Also on the site there is a salary calculator and a blog where you can get a lot of useful information on employment and features of individual areas.

It is noteworthy that here you can find not only project tasks that can be done remotely, but also full-fledged vacancies with relocation - including in the USA. With the help of Monster, employees are also looking for companies from Silicon Valley, but applicants will have to pass a multi-level test of their skills through tests and interviews.

When searching for vacancies, it is advisable to pay special attention to offers with visa sponsorship or relocate packages, which simplify the process of moving to another country.


The website calls itself the “Career Hub for Techies”, and it really is one of the most high-quality websites for job search in the IT field.

This is a specialized site where an IT-only job pool is created. But even despite its narrow specialization, there are approximately 85,000 vacancies from different parts of the world on the portal.

Here they often look for very specific specialists, so if you speak a not very common programming language, then register here without fail.


A site that specializes in finding investors and specialists for startups in the field of IT technologies.

The site has a good reputation, because experts check start-ups that post their vacancies and search ads. Therefore, there is a chance to get an excellent job and become at the origins of a new promising company.

But there are also disadvantages - startups are not too eager to take non-residents. The exception will be made only by narrow specialists or top programmers. However, the second will be easier to pick up something less risky.


An excellent site that is focused on finding professionals who agree to move to a particular country. This means that all companies that post vacancies here will not mind accepting a non-resident.

Each of these companies offers a priori relocate package, which will simplify the relocation and arrangement in the country. Most even provide funds for the purchase of plane tickets and temporary housing. Already it is worth registering for it.

The site collects offers from 13 European countries, as well as the USA and Canada. At the same time there are not so many vacancies here - from 200 to 500, but they are quickly updated, so you need to constantly monitor offers.


The site is in the top 5 largest job search sites in the world and in the top 3 in the United States. There are traditionally many vacancies in the IT field, so there is a choice.

The main advantage is that most of the Fortune TOP-1000 companies are represented here, so you can monitor vacancies in the best IT companies in the world.

Many large enterprises agree to accept an employee from another country. But expect a serious test of their professional skills.

On the site, you can run a separate country search for Russian-speaking IT people, which can simplify the process of recruiting vacancies.


Specialized site for job search in the USA from Russian-speaking employers. There are many vacancies in the American branches of companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as purely American companies with Russian-speaking founders.

There is a separate part of vacancies for the IT sphere, but keep in mind that not all companies are ready to help with the relocation - some of them are ready to take a specialist to work only if he is already in the United States.


Excellent site, which collected a lot of IT-vacancies for specialists in different fields. The geography of work is very wide - the site has offers from 20 countries of the world.

Most of the vacancies from European countries - in particular from the UK and Germany.
Most often they are looking for specialists in popular programming languages ​​for long-term projects or for working in the company staff.

Bonus: 6 IT country-specific job search sites

We also picked up several popular sites that will help you look for work in specific countries: - USA and Canada;
Cyprusjobs - Cyprus;
Seek - Australia;
Dubai.dubizzle - UAE;
Reed - United Kingdom;
Xing is an analogue of LinkedIn for Germany.

Of course, these are far from all the resources that can help an IT person in looking for work abroad. We have collected here only the largest and most popular.

But we do not recommend to be limited only to them. Look for specific resources specifically in the country where you are going to emigrate and post your resume there.

If you are unable to find a decent job yourself, do not worry! In this case, we recommend that you contact immigration specialists, who with the help of their own agents will select suitable offers for you and help you with the move.

So be persistent - and opportunities will find you. Good luck in your dream job search!

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