We distribute servers for interesting projects

    We decided to conduct an experiment and support young interesting projects by the fact that we are best able to provide servers. The elderly, but still interesting, can also take part. In short - this month we are ready to provide 5 Intel Xeon E3-1230 / 8GB DDR3 / 4x1TB SATA2 / 100Mbps Unmetered servers in the EvoSwitch DC (Netherlands) to the most interesting ideas: 3 by voting by the habrasociety and 2 by our own discretion. More details - under the cut.


    Both young projects and long-standing ones, both those planning commercialization and obviously non-profit ones, are invited to participate in the competition. But the fulfillment of three conditions is mandatory: a working prototype must be ready, the project must be useful to others, and also have a goal and a clear development plan (and follow it).

    Dates and stages

    1. Applications are accepted from the moment this post is published and ends on November 20 at 23:59 GMT.
    2. On November 21, we will conduct a preliminary selection of applications and open a vote on Habré, which will last until 23:59 GMT November 25.
    3. On November 26, we will summarize and contact the authors of the projects, which will take the first three places in the rating according to the voting results, as well as two more at our discretion, in order to clarify the necessary settings and provide access.

    How to apply

    You can submit an application in two ways - send it in the form of a comment to this post or to our e-mail: admin [Canis familiaris] ua-hosting.com.ua (in the subject line, indicate: “Habrakonkurs”). In the application, be sure to indicate:
    • the name of the project;
    • general idea and current state;
    • what do you see the benefits of your project, what is its purpose;
    • whether the project is planned to be commercialized, and if so, how and when.
    We promise that all applications will be considered, but we do not promise that everyone will vote. By the way, the advantages of applications in the comments will be indirectly taken into account when summarizing.

    Additional terms

    We will ask the winners of the competition to provide monthly a free-form report on the progress of development, achieved results and immediate goals. We reserve the right to publish this report in whole or in part where we deem necessary.

    Initially, servers are provided for 3 months for potentially commercial projects and 6 for a priori non-commercial ones. After this period, it will be possible to understand and see in what form we will continue to continue cooperation. This does not mean that we will force everyone to pay, but, for example, to support projects that already start earning for free, is unlikely to be agreed. We also reserve the right to refuse to provide the server ahead of schedule in case of inappropriate (not corresponding to the initial application) use.

    If the results of the pilot competition are interesting, we plan to make it permanent and hold it once or twice a month. And we believe that together with you we will make the Internet a little more useful.

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