Redmadrobot iOS Meetup


    How development is done in an outsourcing company, when there are a lot of projects, features and technologies, and there is little time, how to make Siri smarter, when to use React Native and SSl-pinning, we will tell and show on September 7 at the first Redmadrobot meeting.

    What are we going to talk about:

    How to embed Siri into an app and help Apple make it healthier

    • We will analyze how to work with Shortcuts using NSUserActivity and Intents.
    • What is Siri Suggestions.
    • What should be custom phrases to refer to Siri.
    • Case studies using SiriKit.

    React native

    • What is it and is it possible cross-platform?
    • Used technology stack, architectural patterns.
    • Than we risk using this technology.
    • Quick start development.
    • Let's try to make a custom UI and tell you what to do in React Native with layout.

    SSL pinning

    • For dummies: the difference is SSL, TLS and HTTPS, how they work.
    • What is a certificate, a PKI and how do arbitrators have to do with protecting an internet connection.
    • For the prosharennyh: MITM over HTTPS, when you need to pinn, and when not worth it, what types of pinning are.

    And after the robots will answer your questions about the development and processes in the company at the round table. You can prepare and ask questions in advance - here .

    The entrance to the robot storage is strictly on registration. Register here .

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