Tesla is going to build its own battery factory

    The company Tesla headed by Elon Musk has long been plans to move electric vehicles from a relatively rare phenomenon (despite, in some countries, of course) into the mainstream. And if so, then it is necessary to build more electric vehicles than now, since the demand for them is steadily growing. For Tesla, as you can understand, the bottleneck in production is the battery. Yes, a lot of them are required, and the manufacturers with whom Tesla collaborates do not have time to cope with orders. And the company is going to establish its own production of batteries.

    The industrial complex that is planned to be built will have to use a maximum of alternative energy sources, and not harm the environment, not use toxic elements. Of course, implementing such a plan is a difficult, if even feasible, task, but Elon Musk is not going to retreat.

    The old type batteries will be transformed into something new at the factory, the size of which (probably, it means productivity, not geometrical dimensions) will be comparable with the total size / capacity of all productions of Li-Ion batteries around the world.

    Interestingly, Tesla made a similar statement after it updated the deal with Panasonic, a Japanese company that had been producing batteries for the customer’s electric cars before. The deal provides for an extension of four years. During this time, Panasonic is committed to supplying 2 billion (!) New Li-Ion cells for use in Model S and Model X.

    In addition, Musk announced that his company is likely to enter into contracts for the production of batteries with other manufacturers.

    As for information about our own production, then, according to all the same Elon Musk, the time has not yet come to go into details. But, knowing the ability of this person to put his plans into practice, there is no doubt that what has been said will be fulfilled. And do not forget that earlierTesla patented a hybrid battery that lasts for 640+ kilometers

    Via theverge

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