Airlike - BUMP without striking cams

Original author: Steve O'Hear
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imageLast week, TechCrunch wrote about the new application for the iPhone from Russian developers from the company Displair (this was the creator of the air Multi-Touch display in the style of the film “Special Opinion”).

Like the Bump application (which, by the way, recently bought by Google), Airlike uses various iPhone sensors in conjunction with its own cloud-based algorithms and allows you to share photos, videos and contacts with other iPhone users in the immediate vicinity. But with one very important difference: when using the Airlike application, there is no need to bump into smartphones. Instead, you need to send the phones at each other and simply transfer the photo “through the air” with a simple gesture.

According to TechCrunch, the connection does not require a connection to WiFi or Bluetooth. The application uses a combination of data obtained via the Internet from the accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and GPS receiver embedded in each smartphone. This information is transmitted to its own servers for information that two smartphones are directed at each other. Then both smartphone owners must confirm the connection and you can begin to transfer content from one device to another. TechCrunch writes that developers describe this process in the style of Arthur Clarke as "completely magical." There is no need for physical contact, as is the case with Bump. Also, according to TechCrunch, the developers claim the functional superiority of their application over AirDrop, which only works on the iOS 7 operating system,

The developers are planning to release versions of the application for the Android and Windows Phone platforms and, accordingly, do not yet offer the Airlike API, the ability to transfer money between users is also in development. TechCrunch describes a long-term business model in this way: plans are to develop the ability to take any content from any advertising media with the same simple hand movement. That is, for example, a visitor of a shopping center, having seen some kind of advertisement on the LCD panel or on any other advertising medium, perhaps even on the Displair air screen, can pick up for itself, for example, a coupon code. As easy as throwing photos between smartphones.

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