Animals or Zombies

    I had a history teacher at school - a malicious atheist. And he told us:
    - All people descended from monkeys - so to speak, adhered to Darwin's theory.
    But we immediately had the question:
    “Why aren’t monkeys turning into people now?”
    To which he answered meaningfully and importantly:
    - Only a certain species of monkeys could turn into people, and all of them had already turned.

    Recently, I came across evolution in all its glory, only in the opposite direction. If the transformation of primacy into a person can still be imagined, at least from the school curriculum, then the transformation of a person into an animal can be observed only in a fantastic action movie.

    Now I notice these metamorphoses everywhere and everywhere in everyday reality. And these metamorphoses are not isolated, but more and more take on a mass character. The strangest thing is that people do not turn into one, but into different types of animals. One into a dirty pig, the other into a cocky cock, the third into a stinking, stinking, moving substance that defies classification and definition. I called one such “Zarin” because the radius of the killer smell that it spreads about 10 meters. And when he comes to warm up in the store in the winter, you won’t draw customers there even after an hour of scrupulous disinfection. Well, this is a clinical case.

    Totally immensely cool drunken young growth. These are pack animals. Alone, they rarely attack, but if their pack then beware. Their motto is “And the shobla of hares pounds a lion”. I have not been to the trauma unit for a long time, there are many victims of attacks by these jackals.

    Or maybe it's not animals?

    The near future. Entire continents are inhabited by incomprehensible brainless individuals. Lost basic instincts and reflexes, not able to think, feel and make independent decisions. 
    There is only one reflex left - the extraction of C 2 H 5 OH or any other substances that contain this component. To kill, to tear apart, but to get.

    And no movies are needed. Walk through the streets of a city or village. And you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of such zombies.

    People come to your senses. Do not allow yourself and others to turn into zombies, demented and stupid animals. Otherwise, the "near future" will come soon.

    It seems that this post should be attributed to the negative, but no. I wrote it in a good mood, because I believe that neither I nor my family will ever become such a zombie. And the mission of sober people to burn hot drink alcohol. Heal a sick brain of a drunk person. Fill the world with sober meaning, sober actions, sober people.

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