The basis of AI is human language


In fact, none of the scientists know how the language of a person works. It is surprising. A true understanding of the structure of a language means an understanding of the full variety of devices of all dialects. This means the possibility and ease of building a universal intermediate language between languages. And this means the possibility of automatic translation, and the ability to purify any dialect to the level of an ideal literary language.

The device of language is a device of thinking, it is an understanding of the coding of data in the brain, because a person thinks with words and symbols. Images of figurative thinking are a special type of data, of course, a person also operates with images, but the transfer of this data is almost impossible. We can say that the artist is the one who speaks the language of images, whose language does not exist, that is, it is impossible to talk about what cannot be described in words. To talk and argue about entities, you need to put each entity in a named container variable, that is, in speech, any mention of an entity occurs through the use of the name “container”. Entity names should be simple, preferably one-word, with a clear definition. If it is impossible to pack some phenomenon into a symbol-name, then this essence cannot be used in thinking, because each person will understand a different meaning. A very important conclusion from this is that one cannot evaluate a work of art, this leads to the degradation of creativity. Western education trains the left muscle of the brain, and the right one quickly degrades, while the children before school almost all are very creative and perceive the world fully, in balance. The advantage of such a state of the brain is, for example, the ability to relax and enjoy life without doping.

People program (educate) people using language. People are higher animals, but sometimes people are much inferior to other animals. If the language is spoiled, and if the sources of information lie, then people are degrading, becoming dumb in increments of one generation. The remaining animals do not use language, but the program of their behavior and the effectiveness of their community are stable. Look at the effectiveness of the behavior program embedded in ants or bees - the efficiency is higher, incomparable with Russian society.

Natural intelligences use the language to store and transmit information, any data and knowledge. Therefore, " language is an intelligence tool for storing and transmitting information"- this is the most accurate and simple definition of a language. Without a language, intelligence is impossible, that is, for convenience we will call intelligence a" black box "using a language inside and outside ourselves. / After all, we are interested in first of all human-like intelligence, capable of solving logical problems in the first place human

inability of people to understand their thinking -.. is the inability to classify the nature of which people operate, think, strictly speaking it is really obvious dementia and the world is suffering from madness.
it is necessary to understand the structure of h .. grained language, understand the design syntax, operators, expressions, etc. It is also necessary ontology, thesaurus to encode the object hierarchy of classes, activities, relationships, and so on struture language looks like this:
It seems a simple task, but no one made.

Rene Descartes:
... If this is invented, I have no doubt that such a language will very soon be circulated all over the world, because there are a lot of people who will willingly spend five to six days to get an opportunity to be understood by everyone in return. The invention of such a language depends on true philosophy, because otherwise it is impossible to calculate all the thoughts of people, arrange them in order, or at least only distinguish them so that they appear clear and simple. That is, in my opinion, the biggest secret in order to master the necessary science. If someone could explain what those simple ideas are that are found in the thinking of people and from which everything that people think comes together, and if everyone agrees with this, then I dare to hope that at once a universal language would appear, very easy to master pronunciations and letters, and most importantly, language, which would help the mind by presenting to him all the objects in such a distinct form that it would be almost impossible for him to make mistakes. Now, on the contrary, almost all the words that we speak have such intricate meanings that, however, the mind of people has long been used to, that for this reason it understands almost nothing properly. So, I argue that such a language is possible ...

Well said the modern man:
... It's about the logic of programming in general. Human language is immensely “embedded” in our brain, and its structures reflect the structures of thinking in the most accurate and subtle way. Scientists need not do NMR scans of the brain, but dig into the structure of human speech.
Therefore, an ideal programming language should allow a person’s natural linguistic analysis of the task into pieces and their presentation ...

An ideal programming language is an ordinary human language, part of it. The invention of such a language will be a revolution in programming. I suggest programmers here discuss the possibility of building such a language. / the author really believes that in this huge murdered country there are gifted Lomonosov peasants who are able to construct good original languages, and who are not dumb here to reason fruitfully on the habr, and not to pretend to be a princess on a pea that annoys anyone else's ideas A

machine that works with information in the form of a human language that uses the human language within itself and outside itself - this is artificial intelligence. This is the beginning of AI. In the beginning, such a machine is the strengthening and automation of human thinking, in the end it is almost a human mind.
AI cannot work with feelings and sensations, and everything else is just logic.

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