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    PrettyTasks - task planning system "for yourself"

    The main goal of creating the service was to increase personal efficiency by simplifying planning.
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    What for?

    Oddly enough, there are really a lot of GTD services, as well as task management services. So why another one?
    The answer is that most of the services are not very convenient, and we decided to realize our vision. Our goal was to make the most convenient and simple service that would be understandable to everyone, and despite its simplicity, would increase personal effectiveness.

    Simplicity of idea is the key to success

    The idea is to plan tasks in the form of linear lists and place tasks by day. If you plan to do it today, you set the task for today, you plan on after tomorrow, and you set it on after tomorrow.

    Unfulfilled tasks are not accumulated by the heap for the current day, but remain in the day for which expired were planned and available in the list.

    Priorities were reduced to the maximum, only simple and important tasks remained. We recommend setting priorities by changing the order.

    Planned tasks - tasks for the future, without a specific deadline have been put on the list of planned

    Successful days can be noted, you can also comment on days.

    And no reminders

    Service Description

    Service we provide the user with the following functions:
    • Tasks
    • Lists
    • Notes
    • Journal
    • Settings

    Work with the service

    In this section, we consider the features of working with the service.

    Types of tasks

    Common task

    Such a task is tied to the day, but not tied to time. Usually, its execution time is not significant.
    1. On Saturday we go to the zoo.
    2. Join the gym on Wednesday.
    3. Today sign the documents with the head.

    Time-bound task

    Such a task is tied to both day and time. Implementing it at the wrong time can lead to the disruption of the task.
    1. At 2 o’clock meeting.
    2. Go to the cinema at 20:00
    3. Date at 5:15
    4. Listen to the news at 5 pm

    Calendars operate on tasks of this type.

    Recurring tasks

    Such tasks are repeated at regular intervals. They can be either time-bound or not. The set of repetitive tasks form a series.
    1. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 19:00 - gym
    2. Fridays bath with friends
    3. Once every six months do that.

    Typing by priority and duration


    Any task of the 4 types listed above can have priorities. We will prioritize normal and high.


    Any task from the “Normal task” or “Task with a time reference” or “Repeating task” can be marked as continued. The meaning of this mark is that the task begins to appear ahead of time, so as not to miss. The date (and time) of such a task is used to indicate a deadline.
    1. Write an article by November 20th.
    2. Prepare documents by 12:00 on the 17th
    3. Prepare a report by Monday
    4. Get ready for a weekend trip

    Additional types

    Challenge for the future

    Such tasks are not tied to the day and time. They later go into tasks of the “Normal task” or “Task with a time reference” level, or are specified.
    1. Go to Crimea
    2. Write an article about winged
    3. Buy a second store
    4. Order business cards

    Expired Tasks

    These are the tasks of the first three types, for which the deadline has expired and which were not marked as completed.

    Completed tasks

    Tasks marked “Completed”
    Here, in principle, is all about the types of tasks. They fully cover our planning needs.

    Task operations

    Tasks are the heart of the system. It was the convenience of working with them that maximum attention was paid.

    Fig. 1. Task window

    Work with tasks for the day

    The main work with tasks occurs in a selected day. Most often these are today and tomorrow.
    By selecting a specific day from the left menu, you can add tasks there.
    Of course, tasks change their state.
    Consider only the main ones:
    • Mark task as completed / failed (click on checkbox)
    • Edit task (click on the title or in the edit window)
    • Change priority (add to task! Or in the editing window)
    • Reorder tasks (drag and drop in the list)
    • Move the task to another day (dragging the mouse to another day)
    • Mark the task with tags (append a C # tag to the field)
    • Move the task to another list (dragging to the list)

    Task lists

    Tasks can be grouped by lists using # tags. The list of lists can be viewed on the "Lists" page.

    Fig. 2. The window for working with lists


    Notes allow you to save the information that interests you

    . 3. The window for working with notes

    What's next?

    The service is actively developing, and we will be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions. Also, after your good impression, do not forget to tell your friends about the service.

    Stay with us!

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