BitTorrent Sync: speeds up to 90 megabytes / s and open APIs

    Yesterday, a new version of the program for synchronizing files through BitTorrent Sync 1.2 torrents was released . The developers reported some good news. Firstly, the popularity of BitTorrent Sync is growing rapidly, which guarantees the successful development of the project in the future. The number of users exceeded 1 million people (monthly active audience), and the volume of synchronized files was 30 petabytes.

    Secondly, in the new version, the synchronization protocol has been optimized, so that the maximum speed in the local network is increased to 90 MB / s. This means that a 10-gigabyte file is automatically synchronized between computers in LAN faster than in two minutes.

    And most importantly - finally open APIs have been released for adding synchronization via torrents to any third-party software.

    To use the Sync Developer API, you need to register on the site and get the key. After that, you can add the BitTorrent Sync programming interfaces to your program, here is the API documentation .

    Of the key functions of the API are specifying individual folders or files for synchronization, encrypting a file before transfer (Encryption Secrets) with storing an encrypted copy on a remote hosting and organizing a "private cloud", BitTorrent Sync operating mode without a standard interface for convenient integration into other programs.

    Thanks to the software interfaces, it will become more convenient to use BitTorrent Sync in non-standard tasks: for example, for a social network without a central server or P2P hosting sites .

    BitTorrent Sync 1.2 is released in versions for all popular OSs, and supports the new iOS7, including through the native application for iPad tablets. New features have been added to the iOS application: you can send and synchronize files via BitTorrent Sync and in other programs, and you can also save received files from Sync directly to all photos and videos.

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