There are exactly a day left before the server starts

    So, our pilot checked the weather forecast for tomorrow (and it is quite suitable for flight), found a clearing with which we can take off, and wrote that he was ready to fly. In the meantime, our glands are also on alert, data transfer is being tested, camera is working, quadrocopters are being charged for video filming, beer and juice are being loaded into the Gazelle for the team and guests. Start will take place at this point: 56.360802, 37.697475

    As promised, 5 hours before the start (tomorrow at 12.00 Moscow time) we close the reception of new participants and the opportunity to move our points to those who are already participating in the competition.

    At the moment , there are 347 habrazhiteli competing in the competition , and the map of the Dmitrovsky district is replete with avatars:

    I would like to remind the participants (hello, Victor!) Who have placed their points quite far from the take-off location:

    1. The gas supply for gas burners we take for 2 hours of flight (maximum).
    2. According to the forecast for tomorrow, the wind force is 1.3 meters per second, the south direction.
    3. Flight altitude is up to 1 km.

    You can use this or that service to calculate the prediction of the landing of our ball.

    To predict the trajectory, you can use this online service .

    Refine your predictions , you have only a few hours left until the results are “frozen”!

    Those wishing to come to the launch and witness this crazy experiment: we are going at 16.00 at the launch site .

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