India launched a satellite into Mars orbit

    Countries with significant human and resource potential have long been participating in the “space race”. A few decades ago, only the USSR and the USA participated in this race. Now, in addition to the USA and Russia, India and China, countries trying to dominate their region, have joined the race. In general, there is nothing wrong with such rivalry, provided that all this leads to positive results in terms of studies of near-Earth outer space, planets of the solar system and other things. So, today launched the orbital Martian satellite Mangalyaan, created by a team of Indian specialists.

    10 months after launch, if everything goes well, the satellite will reach Mars, and will circle around the Red Planet in a stationary orbit. The launch goal, according to the official version of India, is to map the surface of Mars, study climatic conditions, as well as search for traces of methane, and determine its concentration in the atmosphere. An unofficial reason is voiced by other countries - this is the desire of India to take its place in the study of Mars, in order to show its capabilities.

    It would be nice, of course, if all the space powers could unite their efforts with a common goal, the development of near-Earth outer space and the planets closest to Earth. But, apparently, for the time being, the countries will work separately, launching devices who are on the moon, who are on Mars, who else where. As mentioned above, if it benefits the common cause, very well. If resources are simply spent on participating in the “space prestige” race, without the benefit of science, this will only harm research ...

    Well, let's hope that the space powers will cooperate. In the meantime, we wish the Indians good luck.


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