Father made a prosthetic arm for his son on a 3D printer

    This is not one, but two very similar stories. In fact, there are already many such cases, and there are additional links at the end of the article. With the advent of three-dimensional printers in the consumer market, these stories become widespread.


    Leon was born without fingers on his left hand, he has been living without a prosthesis for 12 years. Doctors say that the cause of the injury was limited circulation in this limb, when the baby was still in the womb of the mother ...

    His father Paul for a long time tried to find an inexpensive and functional prosthesis, but the standard offers of orthopedic companies are traditionally very expensive - tens of thousands of dollars. Recently, Paul came across a video on the network in which the inventor of Ivan Owen from Washington demonstrated a model of a prosthetic palm that anyone can download and print on a 3D printer. The prosthesis is attached to the forearm of the hand, the movement of the wrist controls the fingers: they can be squeezed and unclenched (all at the same time).
    Paul is incredibly happy: having spent $ 2000 on a printer, he can now print new prostheses at least every day, experimenting with design. The cost of plastic for printing one prosthesis is only about $ 10.

    Carpenter Richard from South Africa lost four fingers in an accident at work. He fiddled with the Internet and found that prostheses sold online are not very functional and too expensive. Not discouraged, he began work on designing a prosthetic hand with functioning fingers, calling for help 3D printing technology and a familiar designer from Seattle. According to him, at a cost of consumables, they met in $ 150. From the frames of the video, you can understand why his model turned out to be more expensive - it is a much more complex mechanism than the prosthesis from the first video. A more complex mechanism provides finer functionality.
    Thanks to the media, an interested public learned about Richard and it turned out that he can and most importantly wants to help many adults and children. Such children, for example, like little Liam, who in the same video demonstrates how skillfully he manages with his robotic arm.

    Another video about Richard, shorter, but with Russian subtitles:

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