BlackBerry sale canceled

    Yes, there were several applicants for BlackBerry who declared their desire to buy out the assets of this corporation. Nevertheless, the company decided not to sell its assets, but to try to get out of a difficult (even very) situation on its own. The scenario for solving the current situation is as follows: the current director of the company, Torsten Haines, is resigning, plus a package of bonds worth about a billion dollars is being issued (these bonds of the company still need to be sold later).

    In principle, there are already buyers on bonds. It is reported that $ 250 million, that is, a quarter of the required amount, is going to be invested by Fairfax Financial Holdings. This consortium now owns approximately 10% of the company. It is worth noting that it was Fairfax Financial Holdings who was going to buy BlackBerry for 4.7 billion US dollars.

    But the potential buyer had unexpected problems finding the right amount to buy, and BlackBerry began negotiations with other companies, including Google, Cisco Systems and SAP.

    Of course, no one has canceled the problems of BlackBerry, and the company continues to suffer significant losses. The cash reserves that are in the accounts of BlackBerry will not last more than six months if the company continues to lose money at the pace it is now.


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