November 6, the launch of the spacecraft on the ISS will be broadcast at Times Square in New York

    Recently, NASA has been actively promoting its work and everything related to space. In general, NASA has always worked hard “for the public” (and rightly so, now astronautics is again becoming a popular topic), but now, in the face of a budget deficit, the agency is trying even more to interest people in space, planets, and spacecraft. So, on November 6, at 23:14 (ET, Eastern Standard Time), Times Square will broadcast in real time the launch of the spacecraft on the ISS.

    By the way, the launch will be carried out from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. This launch differs from the others in that it will be broadcast in real time on Times Square, and in that nine people will live on the ISS for several days. This (the simultaneous residence of so many people) has not happened since October 2009. True, four days later, three people will return to Earth.

    According to NASA representatives, the broadcast was decided to be held, inter alia, because the ISS is the work of people from many countries. And New York, as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, is ideally suited for broadcasting the launch of a ship to, again, the International Space Station.

    By the way, this broadcast is not the first time. Launch of Curiosity on Mars was also shown on the specified area. So whoever will be in or around New York during the launch, be sure to visit Times Square. Of course, all this can be seen at home or at the office, here on this page: .

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