Beautiful animated greeting card service

    Hello! My name is Sergey and I wanted to introduce my small startup For several years, I enthusiastically explored the possibilities of JavaScript frameworks and put together a small collection of various kinds of animation effects. Without thinking twice what can be done interesting with all this good, the idea was born to create an animation postcard service - . Having studied the market, I found that other sites mainly offer simple pictures or Flash clips in the form of postcards. I am not special in Flash, so it was decided to try to do no worse, but using JavaScript.


    Work on the project began in August 2011. We had quite a bit of time, it was necessary to be in time for Christmas and New Year 2012. I worked in the evenings and on weekends and my partner tormented jQuery all the rest of the days. In parallel, the wife created the graphics and elements of postcards.

    Due to technical problems, I had to skip Christmas, but they still started by the New Year. Our first postcard was “Feeding Snow” with the effect of vertical scrolling of falling snow. Then they lit the floor lighting in a photograph of a skyscraper. In the last days before the New Year we managed to finish a girl in a Santa Claus dress that disappears when you hover over a postcard.




    Postcards can be sent either immediately or on a schedule. After the new year, they added the ability to register via Facebook and send a postcard in the form of a personal message.

    Of the difficulties in the process of creating the site, the first thing that surfaced was the huge amount of JavaScript code that was obtained for each postcard. As a result, I had to rewrite the whole mechanism for creating postcards and render on the page only what is needed for each particular postcard.

    The second and most important of course is running JavaScript in different browsers. If in Chrome everything worked as it should then in and IE the scroll effect was terribly slow. I had to rewrite the scroll effect and make it on my own. It seems to work as it should.

    Now the site has more than forty cards and effects. Of the plans for the future, we are thinking of adding the ability to send via SMS and print a paper card with further sending it by regular mail. As it turned out over the past couple of years, quite a lot of people still prefer to send paper cards.

    Here we have such a project, I hope you enjoy it. If you have questions, ask. I will be happy to answer them.

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