How social networks influence website promotion

    Modern society can no longer imagine life without facebook and twitter. The audience of social networks in Russia at the moment is 54.7 million users and continues to grow steadily. But do social factors help in the search engine promotion of sites?


    Search engines willingly index tweets. Yandex even has a separate search on tweets . Links in tweets are also indexed, including indirect ones (for example, via services and others). At the same time, Twitter is indexed by high-speed robots, you can find out such links in the indicated date or time:

    For a link from Twitter to affect site promotion in Google and Yandex, it must be indexed by search engines:

    Until it is indexed, such a link only transfers traffic from twitter.

    Tweets of reputable and active users with a large number of subscribers, for example, like Leonardo DiCaprio’s, are valued higher:

    So, in order to better index the tweet, you need to:

    • more retweets;
    • adding to favorites;
    • authoritative account.

    Thus, Twitter helps promote the site and accelerates its indexing.


    Facebook links are with the nofollow attribute, i.e. their weight is not transferred to search engines and does not affect the TIC and PageRank. But they are still indexed by search engines. And the most beneficial are the likes of the company's most social page, not the publications on it. Such links are taken into account by search engines. The more likes a Facebook page of a promoted site receives, the more links from different pages of users of a social network will stand on the promoted site.

    The greatest value and weight, like on Twitter, are the likes of authoritative accounts and famous pages. This also has a positive effect on site traffic. To attract likes to a promoted site, you can create interesting content, conduct various contests and surveys.

    The number of Facebook links you share with Facebook is similar to backlinks, so it can be even more valuable than likes.

    The impact of Facebook on SEO is slightly lower than that of Twitter, but nevertheless brings some benefits, and you should not neglect this.


    Although Matt Kuts once stated that Google+ has no direct influence on the relevance of the site, in our experience such an influence does exist. In search results, Google prefers sites added to Google+ Circles. When searching for local results, Google often puts local Google+ results above others.

    Positive promotion is influenced not only by +1 from authoritative users (Google Author Rang), but also by users of old Gmail mail. Verified authorship of information on Google+ serves as a guarantee of trust with a search engine, i.e. in issuing information from a verified account will be more relevant than information without such verification.

    But do not artificially wind up +1, this is fraught with sanctions from the search engine, because it’s not difficult to determine such manipulations for Google.

    In contact with

    VKontakte all links are through a redirect, i.e. they are useless to transfer the TIC and PageRank. But in Yandex’s search results, you can find profiles from VKontakte, and in the block search you can find statuses and notes, where links can also be placed. At a minimum, this will provide additional traffic.

    Yandex also draws attention to the number of people in the group of the site being promoted, or rather to the widget located directly on the site. If there are more than 500, the search engine takes this data into account when ranking the site.


    Links from social networks do not determine the position of the site in the SERPs and do not transfer weight to the site, but nevertheless indirectly affect its promotion . Social networks and the blogosphere are millions of people who, with their behavioral reactions, reflect their attitude to sites. And for search engines, social factors are primarily human signals that can also be used to improve the site’s position in search results. You should not neglect SMM. But even if your company does not have its own page / group in a social network, you do not have a corporate blog or twitter, it makes sense to at least place social network buttons on the site to attract additional traffic.

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