The best startups in Runet or Web Ready 2013 semifinalists determined

    The fifth Web Ready again marked a record for the number of applications submitted. Web Ready 2013 was attended by 715 projects from 100 cities and 21 countries. The expert council of the competition completed the evaluation of applications and determined the composition of semi-finalists in the main and additional nominations.

    And here is the long-awaited list of semifinalists and nominees in alphabetical order!

    Semifinalists of the Seed nomination

    1. Amazing Hiring (Moscow)
      Applicant: Vitaliy Obernihin
    2. Appercode (Novosibirsk)
      Applicant: Denis Sharov
    3. ARMee (Moscow)
      Applicant: Alexey Kalachnikov
    4. (Krasnoyarsk)
      Applicant: Maxim Shudrak
    5. Cryptis (Perm)
      Applicant: Pavel Vakhrushev 
    6. Displify (Kiev, Ukraine)
      Applicant: Alexander Volodarsky 
    7. DNA.DO (Las Vegas, USA)
      Applicant: Edward Isarevich 
    8. GO + (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Alexey Sidorenko
    9. GYMaaS (Moscow)
      Applicant: Sergey Vinokurov
    10. Hintarea (Sumy, Ukraine)
      Applicant: Rodion Salnik 
    11. KidErudite - preschool mobile learning (Moscow)
      Applicant: Olga Visser 
    12. Lobster (London, UK / Moscow)
      Applicant: Olga Egorsheva 
    13. Pythia - monitoring system (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Alexey Natekin 
    14. Realaxy (Petrovac, Montenegro)
      Applicant: Ivan Dembitsky 
    15. RoadAR (Kazan)
      Applicant: Marat Bashlykov 
    16. (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Ivan Ryndin
    17. (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Yuri Seklikov 
    18. Zang - mobile voice dating (Moscow)
      Applicant: Sergey Sigitov 

    Semi-finalists of the Startup nomination

    1. Airee (Moscow)
      Applicant: Maria Piterskaya
    2. Alytics (Zelenograd)
      Applicant: Ilya Makarov 
    3. CoinKeeper (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Dmitry Orlov
    4. Crossss (Tomsk)
      Applicant: Daniil Khanin
    5. GetShopApp (Moscow)
      Applicant: Andrey Grigoriev
    6. (Moscow)
      Applicant: Roman Agafonov 
    7. JSMon (Moscow)
      Applicant: Stas Semenov 
    8. POSFinance (Moscow)
      Applicant: Sergey Antonov
    9. RedHelper (Moscow)
      Applicant: Anton Chernyatin 
    10. (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Sergey Poduzov
    11. Startpack (Kazan)
      Applicant: Alexey Fedorov
    12. Uploadcare (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Anastasia Antonova
    13. BUBUKA (Tomsk)
      Applicant: Dmitry Pangaev
    14. Medcampus (Ufa)
      Applicant: Robert Sagidullin 
    15. Multator (Kemerovo)
      Applicant: Kirill Korsakov
    16. Online accounting Sky (Kazan)
      Applicant: Andrei Grigoryev
    17. Lawyer.RU (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Sergey Andreev 
    18. Radario - electronic tickets (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Romil Chumakov

    Growth Nominees

    1. Jelastic (Moscow)
      Head: Ruslan Sinitsky 
    2. My-Apps (Moscow)
      Applicant: Vyacheslav Semenchuk 
    3. YouScan (Moscow)
      Applicant: Alexey Orap 
    4. Doctor at work (Moscow)
      Applicant: Stanislav Sazhin

    Game Ready Nominees

    1. CHAOS (Minsk)
      Applicant: Kate Perederko
    2. First Wood War (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Lev Silaev
    3. Project: Tales (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Andrey Kniazev
    4. WitchCraft 2 (Perm)
      Applicant: Eugene Romin 
    5.  X-Rift (Kiev)
      Applicant: Daniel Tonkopiy 

    Finalists of the special nomination EMC

    1. 10tracks (Kazan)
      Applicant: Vladislav Vernigora
    2. ArkStore (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Dmitry Glukhov 
    3. Cryptis (Perm)
      Applicant: Pavel Vakhrushev 
    4. Eltechs: use of Intel applications on ARM servers (Moscow)
      Applicant: Anatoly Konukhov
    5. MakeCloud (Moscow)
    6. ODANT (Ryazan)
      Applicant: Roman Perepelkin
    7. Pythia monitoring system (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Roman Perepelkin
    8. SaaS distributed monitoring platform for forest monitoring and forest fire detection - Lesnoy Dozor (Nizhny Novgorod)
      Applicant: Nadezhda Piryutko
    9. Failover cluster of thin clients based on virtualization technology (Vologda)
      Applicant: Nikita Butin
    10. Geo2Tag platform (St. Petersburg)
      Applicant: Alexey Alexandrov 

    The winner of the “Best Mobile Application” nomination from MegaLabs will be announced during the final .
    All the selected projects, we ask you to plan to participate in the final on November 29 in the Skolkovo Hypercube (Moscow). A representative of the organizing committee will contact you shortly.

    PS Congratulations to the semi-finalists and nominees! And to those who did not pass, we wish good luck in subsequent competitions;)

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