Biohacker sewed a “chip” into his hand

    Tim Cannon calls himself a "biohacker" thanks to a chip embedded in his hand. The device (apparently large enough) is protected by a film, equipped with a battery with wireless charging.

    Real view of the “implanted device”:

    The main purpose of the chip sewn under the skin is the collection of biometric data of the owner. The chip is called Circadia 1.0, it can connect to any Android device for data transfer - currently these are media temperature indicators. In addition, there is a backlight for the tattoo , under which Circadia is located (Yes, this is the most important!)

    According to the owner of the “miracle” chip, one of the problems was to implant the unit - for this he took the help of a friend who does not have a medical education. The operation was performed without anesthesia.
    “Circadia can transfer my status to a home computer. If I had a difficult day, the house will prepare itself for my arrival: reduce lighting and fill the bath, ”said Cannon.

    The chip was developed by Grindhouse Wetware. Within a few months, it is planned to begin production of such chips at a price of $ 500 (without the cost of implantation). The future model will be able to capture the pulse of the owner and become smaller.


    Ps At the request of MuLLtiQ removed the picture under the spoiler with an “implanted device”

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