DiemCms development team (OpenSource) is recruited

    I have long followed the development of this CMS and actively use it in the implementation of both small and large projects. A year ago, the community raised the topic of updating this CMS for Symfony2, but because of the anticipation of the release of SymfonyCMF, they did not dare to implement it. To date, SymfonyCMF is ready to use, albeit a bit damp. And on its basis, you can implement all the functionality of DiemCMS, on the first day of the publication of this idea, 6 people responded to the community, ready to take part in the development, but this is not enough.

    So: now a development team is being recruited to port Diem to Symfony2 + SymfonyCMF, it is an OpenSource project with experienced developers from all over the globe. Anyone who wants to participate: sign up for candidates , a discussion in the Google

    UPD group :Briefly about Diem
    Diem is a content management system implemented as a plugin for Symfony1. The whole charm of Diem is in the convenience for the developer in the first place and in the convenience for the user (moderator) in the second. For the developer, Diem is good in that for a cold start, even complex functionality is enough to describe the database schema and that's it! Database migrations, modules in the admin panel, dummy modules for the site are generated by the system. It remains only to formalize the received functional with their faith, add business logic and all. This is the main plus of symfony and Diem only makes it more significant. + support for functional file storage, user access sharing, a library of ready-made plug-ins, etc. - all like all standard CMS. For the user, the convenience lies in the ability to edit almost any block,

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