Selected: IT Security Links

    For a long time I wanted to write this post with a selection of useful links, since they very often ask this (I think many who are in this (and in other) sphere). Links are divided into categories.


    OWASP is the largest web security portal. Information about all kinds of attacks, vectors, pentest guides and much more has been collected. On it you can make a separate selection of links:


    Sites with many different exploits (programs / techniques that automate the exploitation of vulnerabilities)


    Bug bounty

    Many sites pay for vulnerabilities on their sites.

    Site Vulnerability Collections

    Capture the flag

    Safety competitions. The tasks of the participants either solve the tasks assigned to them, or hack & protect each other
    • - a central site with a schedule of various CTFs in the world, team ratings, vraytapami, etc.
    • - Penetration Testing Laboratory. Also holds contests in CTF style. By the way, they will have to organize, on ZeroNights , his lab . Anyone can try their hand at breaking it :)

    WiFi hacking


    Various Linux distributions, already stuffed with different tools for working in this field

    Miscellaneous / WEB

    Miscellaneous / Application Software

    Miscellaneous / Training

    Security mailing lists

    Mailing about various vulnerabilities


    Sites of conferences publishing presentations / recordings of reports of their speakers. There are so many interesting things that you can sit on them for a week.

    Suggestions in the comments (especially about application software) are welcome!

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