7 misconceptions of a novice project manager in game dev

    What is a game devil like a monastery, what do they do with tiles on tiles and why does PM have to prepare for a marathon? The head of the PM-direction in the Krasnodar studio Plarium Dasha Staritsyna opened a few secrets to newcomers in this field and told, because of what errors the applicants are left out of the game development.

    Misconception number 1. My diploma, my wealth

    Often candidates come for an interview, proudly waving diplomas. Diplomas are not bad, of course, but they will not say anything about professionalism. Applicants are being made the project manager not lists of courses, not PMBoK certification, but successfully released projects, working on which PM has managed to set up harmonious interaction in the team. However, the lack of experience in management is not a sentence. If you are really good, then at the interview you will be able to show your practical skills by examining the cases that we offer.

    Misconception number 2. The main thing for the applicant - to master the profession

    It's great if the future PM understands how Waterfall differs from Scrum. But knowledge of the tools and methodology will not replace the qualities that are important for the work of the project manager: responsibility, perfectionism, structured thinking and developed emotional intelligence. Even having memorized a hundred guides by PM, you can hardly use soft skills. Therefore, start in your youth - well, or when you read our article.

    Misconception number 3. Communication is easy

    One of the laws of gamedev says: "Without an intelligible TK, the result is unpredictable." The project manager must formulate the task so that it is clear to any employee. But this is only the first step. A real Jedi PM can find an approach to everyone and build effective interaction with him. Without empathy, the ability to hear and understand people you can not do.

    Misconception number 4. Loving the game is not necessary

    “Do you farm the tiles?” If such questions confuse the applicant, we draw conclusions about his gaming experience. Without love for games, without immersion in the sphere of their development and knowledge of the materiel, the project manager will be in trouble. We constantly discuss mechanics of varying complexity using slang. PM, guided by the topic to the touch, greatly inhibits professional communication.

    Misconception number 5. To show yourself, you need to customize everything in your own way.

    With their charter, they do not go to a foreign monastery, and they do not go to game development with their own “rules of the game.” Often a team is an established ecosystem that lives according to certain laws. Before making a revolution, get into the essence of the team’s work, understand its rhythm, its features, and only then begin to suggest ways to optimize the process. Earn the authority of a professional - take care of the credibility of the individual.

    Misconception number 6. PM is at the helm

    Probably the next news will disappoint someone. A project manager is not the “most important boss” in a department or team. He takes on a share of the duties of the lead and is responsible for the work of the employees of the department to which he is attached. If you have a talent, then you feel when you need to press, and when to weaken, when to insist on your own, and when to listen to others. RM from God is both a guiding assistant and a helping manager.

    Head of the PM-direction of the Krasnodar studio Plarium Dasha Staritsyna

    Misconception number 7. I already know enough and can

    "To just stay in place, you need to run as fast as you can, but to get somewhere, you have to run twice as fast." Get ready for a lifetime marathon. A specialist in PM has to constantly learn something and improve his professional skills. In addition, the sphere obliges: in the world of gamedev everything changes very quickly.

    If the desire to become PM is all the same strong, congratulations: the first professional fitness test is passed! Ready to take responsibility and find out what it is like to be a project manager in a game dev - come for an interview. Take the first step to work that you will be proud of!

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