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Once I thought about such a problem in society over the past hundred years that the organization of all people's activities has become much more complicated, has become very indirect and even a crutch. A person, getting a job and creating his own business, in most cases does not know for sure what benefit he brings and whether it brings at all.
For example, the manufacturer of shovels, of course, makes them in order to dig, but often his shovel is not created and is not used most efficiently, using to the maximum all knowledge and resources known to man. In my opinion, among other things, the competition is to blame, which today forces us to make a choice: either you get A, but you don't get B, or you get B but you don't get A.
My main thought: this is that we would live — it would be much better if everyone did exactly what he wants, what he considers necessary, what he sees the problem in. ... This does not mean that everyone is drawn to his side, just a person offers the world his ideas, best practices and solutions, learns and gains experience, promoting someone else’s, and also corrects flaws in other people's projects, at least at the beginning of his journey.
Today's work dulls, does not allow critical thinking, and entire nations are engaged in activities justified by today's realities, but obviously harming them: they steal, kill, go to the army, study for the sake of a certificate, arrange demonstrations, stand in queues and traffic jams, watch and create advertisements, get up at 7 in the morning, rest on schedule ...


The goal of the project is for people to do what they want, and then existence will turn into relaxation, and meaningless work will be a favorite work.
The last thing I want to do is to call on anyone to protest the current government and the ultimatum demanding the introduction of state changes of interest in the direction of self-organization. The last thing I want to do is to organize another political movement or another party.
My project is a kind of open research on the topic of whether a group of people can arbitrarily change their composition (as an open source community) to successfully conduct a joint business and solve pressing problems.
And I'm going to do this using the service of discussion and organization of people and their ideas (forum \ social network).


A self-organizing society is a society that organizes itself from within. The direction of development in such a society is determined by its members based on their own interests.

Samoorg is a portal that its users create, manage and own, and also receive the benefits of its activities. Any person can become a participant in the service, powers and privileges among the participants are distributed depending on the rating assigned by other participants for their activity aimed at the benefit of the entire project and each of its participants.

Operating principle

Each participant offers an idea, a way of implementation and resources, depending on what he considers necessary and will evaluate the ideas and actions of other participants. As a result, a base of knowledge and developments should be formed, as well as capital, which in turn should yield a certain commercial product at the output.
But first, so that the project does not stall at the very start, due to the complexity of user self-organization, a product (namely a portal of goods, services and organizations) will be created in the classical way (by a fixed team of developers). Since it seems to be the most promising from the calculation - commercial prospects / ease of implementation. This decision can still be challenged by the majority of participants if everyone decides that it is better to do social. A network or ballistic missiles, then so be it. In my opinion, the need to start with a finished product that was created in the usual way, rather than trying to do something with 0 self-organization alone, is obvious, it will still be possible to discuss this topic, but so far.

Implementation stages

The portal will be created on its own and at the expense of donate. The participant’s donate will be stimulated by what other participants will see, which will certainly lead to an increase in the participant’s rating and in the future will give him benefit if the project develops.

The profit, if any, will be distributed among the participants, depending on their rating (the ratings they put to each other). And it is assumed that this will stimulate participants to even greater efforts to produce something, as well as such a model will attract even more new participants who will simultaneously be consumers of the product offered by the company, which will significantly save money on advertising and promoting this.

A minimum of tasks that must be implemented in order for the portal to work and develop:

  1. forum for creating and discussing ideas.
  2. rating system for calculating utility.
  3. The choice of the starting niche of entrepreneurship, the most adequate at the moment, is a portal of goods, services and organizations.
  4. a mechanism for distributing profits between participants, depending on utility.

All tasks will be discussed, adjusted and partially implemented by users.


In the future, the goal of the project is the complete self-organization and ownership of the project by its participants, without the possibility of intervention by management and creators.

To date, I see no problems from a technical point of view. In this article, I did not go into technical details about them, you can talk about them later, while I tried to describe the mechanism of work as a whole. My goal is to share the concept of a self-organizing society, and get feedback for further dialogue.

In the near future, a conference is planned on the topic "Self-organization of society - problems and methods for solving them." It will still be announced, and an event report will also be posted.


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