New version of Navitel with a subscription to maps

    Today we released the Navitel Navigator update for Android with the implementation of a completely new feature - buying maps by subscription. By taking this step, we have created a more accessible navigation. Now you can buy not only a perpetual license for maps for Navitel Navigator, but also purchase it for a certain period. There are several subscription plans: for 2 weeks, 1 month and 1 year.

    You can subscribe to cards from the program itself. It is easy, reliable and does not take much time.
    Menu → My Navitel → All products



    The cost depends on the subscription period and the set of cards.

    When planning your vacation, weekend or business trip to other countries, it is very convenient to use a subscription to the necessary cards. Firstly, the familiar interface will allow you to quickly get used to the new country and use navigation at home. Secondly, it is profitable! We note an important point: the subscription is valid for all existing packages of navigation maps, with the exception of maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as packages that include at least one of the maps of these countries.

    At the moment, the version of Navitel Navigator 8.5 (with the ability to subscribe to maps) is available only for Android OS users. Users of devices on other platforms can expect an update in the near future, developers are already preparing versions.

    The idea to add the function of buying cards for a limited period appeared a long time ago. Including, thanks to the feedback of our existing and potential users. Thank you for your active participation in the development of the Navitel Navigator software product! Thanks to the feedback, we are able to make navigation better and better, taking into account the interests and requests of our users.

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