IPTV on Android

IPTV is already a fairly popular service and many use it on a computer, TV, media player, etc. I want to tell how to launch this service on my smartphone or tablet running Android OS.

Applications for viewing IPTV on Android

At the moment, I know of 2 such applications:

Both applications are similar and have similar functionality, everyone will choose what they like. Personally, I immediately used the application from Safronov, but after it temporarily disappeared from the market, I switched to QSmart and already remained on it.

IPTV playlists

One of the most common questions is where to get playlists.
  1. The most correct option is the playlist of your provider. But, firstly, not all providers provide IPTV service. And secondly, such a playlist will only work on the provider's local network.
  2. The second option is paid services of third-party providers. But since I have never tried it, I can’t say anything and give links.
  3. Free public playlists. As a rule, they do not live long and the quality leaves much to be desired. On a specialized forum there are relevant topics:

Multicast and Unicast

Links in playlists can be unicast and multicast. Unicast starts with http: // and works, as a rule, on all devices. Multicast links start with udp: // @ and there are often problems with them.
Reasons why Multicast does not work:
  1. Android device does not support Multicast
  2. Player does not support udp streams
  3. The router passes multicast packets

The best solution to these problems is the UDP Proxy. This is a small program that converts UPD streams to Http. UDP proxies are available for both Windows and Linux. But best of all, if your router has such a function. Firmware DD-WRT and Open-WRT definitely have this functionality.

Android streaming video

Which player to choose

The application for android is only a "viewer" of the playlist. An external video player is responsible for playing the video. Which player is best for your playlist, you should try. On one player, the picture can slow down and crumble, on the other, play perfectly. I personally chose MX player play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxtech.videoplayer.ad


The TV in the phone often helps out when you do something in the kitchen and you want to watch a program or movie on TV. But its use is not particularly comfortable for the following reasons:
  • The channel starts for a long time
  • It is impossible when watching a channel to switch the next channel. You must return to the channel list and restart a new one. I hope that the developers of IP-TV will soon resolve this issue.

Also popular now: