The beauty of math

    Mathematics, with the correct view of it, possesses not only truth, but also supreme beauty - beauty cold and harsh, like a sculpture that does not face any side of our weak nature, deprived of the decoration of painting and music, and nevertheless subtly pure and capable to strict perfection, characteristic only of the greatest art. The true spirit of enthusiasm, bliss, the feeling that you are more than Man, which is the criterion of higher perfection, is present in mathematics as surely as in poetry.
    Bertrand Russell.

    The authors of the project, graphic designers Yann Pineill and Nicolas Lefaucheux, posted an excellent video showing the direct connection between the most everyday events in people's lives and mathematics. The idea of ​​video emphasizes that almost any phenomenon surrounding us can be represented in the form of a compact form of mathematical formulas and in the form of graphs.

    For personal inspiration or the popularization of mathematics, a project can serve in the most direct way.

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