Club of anonymous Santa Clauses 2015-2016 on Habrahabr


    Through traffic jams, but Santa Claus still reached Habrahabr. Why and this time so long - we will discuss later, but now to the point!

    At the usual address registration for the 2015–2016 season is already available.

    On December 20, a draw is waiting for us (and before that, of course, the registration is closed).

    Now a little about the organization of all this action.

    As you may remember, the beginning of this good tradition of Khabraded Morozov was laid by two users: negasus and kafeman .

    Responsibilities there were distributed as follows: code - kafeman , everything else (writing topics, and this, including organizational things) - negasus.


    For a number of reasons, I ( negasus ), unfortunately, cannot allocate enough time to fully and conscientiously fulfill organizational duties.

    It was last year, and this continues.

    Of course, we do not want and will not bury the project.

    I suggest that you directly in this topic offer your own or others' candidates for the New Year Elf vacancy. Responsibilities:

    • Preparation for the new season - discussion of the rules, etc.
    • Starting a new season - writing topics, tweeting.
    • Active participation in the season process - answering numerous letters and questions, maintaining correspondence on behalf of clubadm , resolving all kinds of situations.
    • Closing of the season - preparation of analytics for the report to Habrausers.
    • ???????
    • PROFIT

    Well, your votes for the comments will show on the one who takes this post and gets the “Make a Holiday” button in their hands.

    kafeman remains in service and is always ready to answer your questions.

    May the Holiday be with you!
    Happy New Year!

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