Club of Anonymous Santa Clauses 2013 - 2014

    Just yesterday, British scientists made another sensational discovery. Carrying out their research from the end of the year before last and the beginning of last year, they found that every year around the beginning of November, a crowd of people in knitted sweaters and round-rimmed glasses begins to rush somewhere. Arriving home, they pick up a laptop, climb into a comfortable bed, cover themselves with a warm woolen blanket and begin to imagine themselves to be the good old wizard Santa Claus ...

    What, you, too, wearing glasses, a sweater and having Internet access, are still “out of topic”? Ooh, well then drop everything and read on!

    Come on again first, what is it?

    Well, in general, this is such a cool action, giving everyone the opportunity to feel like a real Santa Claus and give a little joy to a complete stranger.

    And if a little more, then it all looks something like this:

    • You and other hub users register in a certain “ADM Club” through an account on Habrahabr at
    • Fill out your profile, namely enter your real name and address.
    • On a previously known, but each time different day, X, an incorruptible and highly reliable script shuffles all the collected data and randomly distributes it back to the participants. At the same time, it suddenly turns out that you should send your gift to a certain APP (anonymous recipient of the gift) Ivan Ivanovich Pupkin at the address: “25/12, 3/3 Stroiteley Stroiteley”, Moscow, 101000, Moscow. You have no idea what the Habrauser is hiding under this data. In the same way, your address will go to someone else. Everything is great and anonymous!

    Common Questions and Answers
    Q : I sent a gift, but no one sent me anything. I will not participate anymore. This is a lie.
    A : Friends. The purpose of the action is to give gifts. Although you are likely to receive a gift in return, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is to enjoy all this. Do you know how nice it is in the topic " Post bragging gifts " to read the review of your APP? That's it. Try it, it's worth it.

    Q : I am paranoid and will not give my address. Or I’ll specially write the wrong name so that the State Department will not figure me out.
    A: If you are afraid of something, it is better not to participate at all. Having called yourself as a stranger, for example, Pupkin Ivan Ivanovich, you simply will not receive your parcel in the mail. And the wonderful gift that was prepared by your ADM will be wasted. So everything is simple - it is very important to indicate your real data. Remember that.

    Q : What will happen if I do not send the gift before January 30, 2014?
    A : Unfortunately, in this case, our soulless machine will be forced to block your account for 300 Earth years. But, I will tell you a secret, by 2286 we will still persuade her to arrange an amnesty. Just don’t tell anyone about it yet.

    The magic begins here - .

    The organizers express their gratitude for the support of the entire team of Habrahabr and the wonderful designer Valentin Novoselov (@novosylov) for the unsurpassed appearance of the Club!

    The real Father Frost and his assistants on Habré negasus and kafeman !


    UPD: Post boasting New Year's gifts 2014!

    UPD2: Link to appeal to the New Year's elves.

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