From doing nothing, I decided to collect the statistics of the Habr.
    Statistics may not completely reflect reality, as of 199k articles, only 75k were open, the rest are deleted \ hidden in the draft \ access to the publication is closed.
    It can be assumed that most of the missing articles are minus.

    Actually, the data itself:

    Average number of posts per year:

    Average count. in. comments in posts by year:

    Total: 46.

    Average rating of posts by year:

    Average rating for all time: 31.

    What collected the data
    Used 3 self-written programs, download here (C #)
    habrDownloader - to download all topics. (uncleaned html of the page code was pumped up by 16 gigs)
    habrExtracter - parser of the downloaded and understandable
    habrAnaliser - analysis of the information received and compilation of statistics

    The last one got this:

    Also popular now: