The digest of news from the world of mobile development for the last week No. 30 (October 21–27, 2013)

    New iPad, Nokia’s first tablet and phablet, Yandex.Metrica for mobile applications, augmented reality Metaio SDK and Vuforia, trial with Apple over iOS 7 (wording “This is banditry”) - and much more in our weekly review of mobile news .


    The best

    Yandex launches Metrica for applications

    It works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Store, .NET. In it, we combined everything that we ourselves would like from a tool for application developers. First of all, an intuitive interface in which there is nothing superfluous - in just a few clicks you can find the answer to any question about the audience of your applications.

    iPad Air (5), iPad Mini Retina, OS X, iLife, iWorks

    We discuss October news from Apple, looking at illustrative material from the presentation.

    A guy from the Czech Republic repeated the design of iOS7 in Word

    I used to use the question “Did you draw in Word?” To hurt the “dizaner” as much as possible ... And now I'm afraid to hear the answer “Yes”.

    How to choose features for your application: use the Kano model

    You are confident in your strengths and knowledge, and the number of new ideas that can turn into real killer features is just off the charts. It's time to say “stop!” And figure out what should come with your very first release version.



    Windows phone


    Marketing and monetization

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