Internet Archive allows you to run Atari games and old software right in your browser

    It took two years for the Internet Archive team to develop the JavaScript port of the MESS emulator, which allows launching old games and software (such as the first table editor) directly in a modern browser. According to the developers, development allows you to run everything from Atari games to old-old software.

    In order to make their project even more interesting, the developers created a whole collection of “historical software”, a collection that was called the Historical Software Collection .

    Of course, the developers at Internet Archive did a really great job. It’s not enough just to keep old games and software. It is still necessary to achieve the normal, correct operation of the entire archive in a modern browser, so that current users can either remember what it was, or see old software and games for the first time, and be surprised.

    The JavaScript emulator was named based on the name of its "forerunner" (MESS) - JSMESS.

    You can enjoy all this by the link that has already been indicated above. And you can get more detailed information in the blog of the Web Archive.

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