Google: the quality of control of robotic cars is higher than that of live drivers

    Chris Urmson, head of Google’s autonomous car project, speaking at the RoboBusiness conference in his report Where the Robot Meets the Road: Realizing Self-Driving Vehicles presented the audience research results that suggest that sensors and software software generally copes with driving better than even professional drivers taking part in testing.

    Google has been running an autonomous car testing program (Lexus and Prius are participating) in California, Nevada, and Florida since 2010 - the law in these states allows such research. During this program, data were collected and analyzed, which were issued in two reports.

    The first of them is devoted to comparing the quality of car movement under software control and under the supervision of professional drivers. The report data allowed Urmson to draw the following conclusion: when a car was driven by a person, braking and acceleration were carried out more sharply than when the car was controlled by an automated system. The second report is similar to the first, but analyzed the issue of safe distance between cars - as it turned out, in this case, electronics also surpassed humans: in general, the sensors maintained a safer distance. All this allowed Urmson to declare that " Our car itself moves more smoothly and more safely than when it is run by trained professionals ."

    Despite the fact that Urmson confirmed that his company is in constant contact with major manufacturers, he refused to give more definite forecasts regarding the technology’s entry into the real market, confining himself to general phrases. At the same time, he made a curious remark that the existence of an autonomous control system in the car in the future means a completely different measure of responsibility in all the inevitable road incidents, attributing the auto information system to the role of a kind of incorruptible witness who “sees everything”, unlike living witnesses .

    At the same time, the charismatic Elon Musk believes that creating fully autonomous cars is actually a very difficult task, but nevertheless promises an auto pilot on his electric cars already in 2016.

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