Why Open Data is a Culture of Working with Information Using Roszdravnadzor as an Example

    Instead of the introduction and introduction, I immediately suggest looking at the picture. I must warn you right away - there is no Internet Explorer advertising in it.

    You can get a similar message to her simply by trying to open a system for operational monitoring of medicines (MOLS) http://mols.roszdravnadzor.ru/
    This is such a state automated information system of Roszdravnadzor.

    I have no doubt that many of you have faced similar situations in a huge number of government projects, working with banks and much more.

    Actually, such cases violate one of the principles of open data - accessibility. Technological limitations do not make them accessible in any way and the same situation with many other registries of Roszdravnadzor.
    For instance:

    It would seem that for sure the employees of Roszdravnadzor should have known about these restrictions and they could have opened at least some of the data in the recently created open data section on their website, here - http://roszdravnadzor.ru/opendata

    However, everything is somewhat different.

    Firstly, in the list of arrays that are published by Roszdravnazdor no one of the registries above is simply there.
    Secondly, even what is "published" in fact is missing.

    I can’t provide direct links, because on the site they posted everything with strange Javascript code instead of permalinks, therefore text.

    If we open the N5 array“Statistical information generated by the federal executive body in accordance with the federal plan of statistical work, as well as statistical information based on the results of scheduled and unscheduled inspections.” We

    will see that there is nothing there.

    And if we look at the data sets:
    • N4 Information on the results of scheduled and unscheduled inspections conducted by the federal executive body and its territorial bodies within their powers, as well as on the results of inspections carried out in the federal executive body, its territorial bodies and subordinate organizations
    • N6 Information about the vacant posts of the state civil service available in the federal executive body and its territorial bodies
    • N7 Register of licenses for specific activities licensed by federal executive bodies

    Then we find that the links to the data array contain nothing but a description of the fields. And those are described very strange.

    Therefore, let's call everything by their proper names - many departments approached and are approaching data discovery very formally. They do not seek to publish data in a convenient manner, do not consult with developers, their systems restrict access to information.

    And this is without taking into account the fact that we have not yet called their contact numbers, we have not written their emails for contacts. We will also do such a feedback test, but this is already at the next stage.

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