Gmail and Google Docs include handwriting recognition

    Perhaps some representatives of the Habrasociety will come in handy a new feature in Gmail and Google Docs. The other day, developers announced the addition of handwriting recognition, for several languages ​​at once. You can use the mouse or touchpad to enter text. True, it is recommended to use a device with a touchpad, where there is normal support for handwriting.

    On startup, handwriting recognition is supported for 20 languages ​​for Google Docs and 50 for Gmail. To get started with handwriting, you must enable the corresponding function in Gmail. In Google Docs, it’s enough to use the combination Ctrl + Shift + K (or Cmd + Shift + on for Mac).

    Like all other Google innovations, the novelty will be gradually included for various regions, so specifically you may not have such a function at the moment.

    Of course, for those who print faster than they write, such a function would be useless. For other users, including those who speak languages ​​with more characters than the standard keyboard, the innovation can be useful, and even very much.

    Via googledrive

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