Singularity is really close


    Hey. My name is Mark and I translate adapt and interpret R. Kurzweil’s book “The Singularity Is Near”. If you are not familiar with Kurzweil and the first time you heard about the Singularity - look at what others think about it:

    “Ray Kurzweil gives the most accurate predictions of artificial intelligence and the future, from any that I know of. His book intriguingly talks about the near future, in which information technology will move so far and so fast that it will allow humanity to go beyond the biological limits and change our view in ways that we still cannot imagine. ”

    - Bill Gates

    “Anyone can understand the main idea of ​​Kurzweil: the technology of mankind develops like a snowball grows, which means fantastic prospects in the near future. This is clear to everyone. But for the more curious, there are interesting details and details .... "

    - The New York Times

    " An exciting and extremely deep look at humanity as a species. Kurzweil is a brilliant scientist and futurist ... "

    - The New York Sun

    This is the handbook of any" true believer "technocrat, transhumanist and futurofil, in a nutshell. This book is considered the best work of Kurzweil and one of the best books describing the near future of mankind as a biological species.

    Due to a ridiculous coincidence, this wonderful book has not yet been translated into Russian, which personally upsets me very much. Therefore, I decided not to sit back and take matters under my responsibility. But after searching the Internet, I realized that if I made a detailed translation, this would be a real crime. With consequences in the form of a court, a fine, and possibly a prison (especially knowing our justice). I still do not feel like breaking the law without even taking into account the consequences.

    At Librusek I was prompted with an original solution that could minimize the threat of thermorectal recognition and trial. Its meaning is that I can use all the ideas and thoughts of Kurzweil, but not his words, while acknowledging his authorship. Legally, this is my personal book in which I adapt and interpret Kurzweil's ideas. Because of copyright, I have to cut out some pieces of the book, so it loses its artistic value to the reader. However, I try to preserve all the meanings and ideas of transhumanism, so that I can convey it to you later.

    Translation adaptation began three weeks ago. In essence, work is going online. And everywhere I throw my contacts in order to get feedback from people and correct errors. Therefore, here's my soap, romul dog for feedback or write me on VK.

    After completion, the book will go into free access to torrents, book sites and other sites, so that everyone can get acquainted with it. Legally, this will be my personal book, and it will be Copyleft. This means that there will be nothing criminal in its downloading and distribution. Read on health!

    The third third chapter is now available. And in a week there will be a fourth. So, I am adapting the entire book so that every Russian-speaking fan of transhumanism and technology has the opportunity to read about what awaits us in the very near future.

    You can download it here .

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