Why do startups need a good “logging”?

    This year in Kiev for the first time there will be a competition of startups of a new format Startup Competition . The battle of projects will take place as part of the Startup Addventure (Europe Venture Summit) conference . A feature of this startup fair will be one prize and an unprecedentedly large cash prize for Ukraine. In this post, we pointed out several main reasons why startups from Europe and the CIS should take part in the competition.

    Startup Competition will be held in Kiev in the NSC “Olympic” on December 4-5 this year. Participants who will pass the qualifying stage will have the opportunity to energize their projects to venture investors from around the world. The conference will be attended by real rock stars of the industry. In particular, Dave McClure , the founder and managing partner of the largest venture seed fund and one of the largest startup accelerators in the USA 500 Startups , has investments in more than 500 companies. As well as the founder of the world's largest network startup incubator The Founder Institute, Adeo Ressi , creator of startups worth $ 2 billion.

    Finalists will present their projects on stage to venture investors on December 5th. The main prize of the competition will be € 25,000. The only winner of the Startup Competition will receive the entire prize amount. This is a very important argument in favor of participating in the competition, since often during the “start-up battles” the prize pool is dispersed, that is, it is divided into at least three winners. As a result, the funds received do not have a tangible effect on the development of the project. It is clear that in the case of Startup Competition the winner will be one, that is, the participants have less chances to win than in the usual format of competitions. But the winner will have the opportunity, at least six months, to financially support the project, as well as invest in its development.

    Starting money, including the money received at the competition, I can become a key factor in the popularity, development and continued success of a startup. But winning it can give the project a critical drive. “Victories in any nominations are, first of all, an excellent motivation for the team, and then money for development. All that is needed for victory is confidence that the product is “obtained”. This is what the jury and experts value. Such confidence comes only when everything goes on increasing - customers, development and, of course, the mood within the team. After we receive a recent grant from the GTF fund, part of the team will be paid on time for 6 months, which is extremely important for the project now, ”says Andrey Litvin, founder and CEO of the HASHTAGO project .

    In addition, winners and even just participants in the competition will have a good opportunity to appear for free in the world's leading specialized media. “It was after participating in the LOGIN competitions in Vilnius, Seedcamp Kiev, iForum that investors noticed us. We held 2-3 meetings a week with them. We arrived in Moscow, traveled 4 investment companies in one day. As a result, we received an offer of $ 300 thousand, ”says Stas Matvienko, founder and CEO of Ukrainian startup Advice Wallet .

    At the moment, the organizers of Europe Venture Summit - the American-Ukrainian Happy Farm full-cycle incubatorand the American Venture Fund 500 Startups - conduct a set of projects that will take part in the competition. At the moment, 280 teams have already submitted to him. Of these, 41% represent the United States, 40% - Europe, and the remaining 19% - the CIS.

    Applications are accepted only from projects, the volume of attracted investments in which does not exceed $ 2 million. You can apply for participation until November 8 through the social list for startups and venture investors Angel List. This selection tool was not chosen by chance - it is the most popular and effective marketing platform in the world for startups and angels. It allows you to provide the most transparent selection conditions, as it eliminates the possibility of any manipulation of the rating of projects. And it provides experts - jury members with full access to the entire database of applicants. It is planned that 10 finalists and 2 reserve contestants will be selected on November 22.

    After which they will be preparing for the competition on the basis of the Happy Farm incubator . Each finalist team will receive 2 free passes for the event and a discount on tickets for other project members.

    Startup AddVenture (Europe Venture Summit) is the largest specialized conference that will bring together more than 3,000 IT entrepreneurs, venture investors, business angels and incubators from Ukraine, the CIS, Europe and the USA. The event will take place on December 4-5 in Kiev at the NSC Olimpiysky.

    For more information and to register for participation, please visit www.venturesummit.eu

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